Repair of Image Case "Splines"


NOTE: We often see full cased images which over the years have become torn and wear to the point that the case becomes detached.   We also many times see where crude tapes have been placed in the spline area and with time cracks and usually tears the paper case on one or both sides. 

We have found an Acid Free Linen Tape which works really well in re-attaching torn half cases.   It's made of acid-free Cambric-quality, tightly-woven linen and has a neutral pH.   It is water activated, contains no starch fillers and will not flake or become brittle.   Where noted, we have re-taped full cases at the spline.   We always so note on the image and show an additional view of the case to make sure our customers understand exactly what we have done.   Thanks for your understanding.


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