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Roster of the Troup Artillery


William S. Smedlund
101 Barrington Ridge Ct.
Sharpsburg, GA 30277


This roster is the result of untold hours of research with information obtained from a wide variety of sources.  Please don't hesitate to pass along any additions, suggestions, pictures or comments.   We thank all contributors and look forward, with your help, for further development of this roster.

Officers of the company when
they left Athens April 24, 1861

Captain - Marcellus Stanley
1st Lieutenant - Henry Hull Carlton
2nd Lieutenant - Alexander Franklin Pope
3rd Lieutenant - Edward Payson Lumpkin
Ensign - Middleton Pope Barrow
1st Sergeant - George Jordan Newton
2nd Sergeant - Columbus Washington Motes
3rd Sergeant - George A. Homer
4th Sergeant - Ruel K. Pridgeon
5th Sergeant - Baptist Hill Swan
1st Corporal - Lee McCleskey Lyle
2nd Corporal - LaFayette Calhoun Cooper
3rd Corporal - Thomas Franklin Baker
4th Corporal - William Henry Paine Jones

Access the Troup Artillery Roster by pointing to the desired surname in the table below.  Sources of information for each individual are noted and may be viewed by clicking the hyper linked number(s) which end the information.  In the case of multiple sources, you will be directed to the first referenced source.


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