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Sources of Information


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1.  1850 Clarke County Census.
2.  DeKalb County pension records
3.  GDAH, Records of the Adjutant General of GA - Commissions, microfilm drawer 40, roll 17.
4.  Tennessee State Library & Archives, Confederate Pension Records.
5.  Georgia Department of Archives and History, Confederate Pension Records.
6.  1900 Alabama Census.
7.  Georgia Dept. of Arch. & Hist., Roster Committee Roll of 3rd Ga.
8.  GDAH, Roster Committee Roll of 44th Ga.
9.  GDAH, Roster Committee Roll of Co. I, 66th Ga.
10.  GDAH, Ga. Confed. Pensions & Records Dept. RG 58-2-26, Box 83, Accession 3297-15, Pension Records of the Troup Artillery.
11.  Athens Regional Library, Highlights & Families of Yesteryear, by Clarence T. Dalton & Mother’s Letters.
12.  Athens Regional Library, Muster Roll of Clarke County Units, by Willis N. Harden, Sr., GR 973.78 Harden.
13.  Athens Weekly Banner newspaper, April 26, 1912.
14.  NA RG109 M Compiled Service Records of the Troup Artillery.
15.  Athens Banner-Watchman, April 26, 1912.
16.  Athens Banner newspaper, May 6, 1890.
17.  Athens Banner, August 20, 1909.
18.  Athens Banner, October 1, 1909.
19.  Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865, By Lillian Henderson.
20.  Atlanta Constitution newspaper, July 28, 1898.
21.  Probate records of Clarke County, Georgia.
22.  Athens Banner, November 11, 1898, obituary & Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly Vol. 8, No. 1 Spring 1972, p. 69.
23.  Athens Banner, November 18, 1910.
24.  The Weekly Banner, Athens, Georgia, March 18, 1910
25.  Confederate Veteran, Vol. 14, 1906, p. 130
26.  Atlanta History Center, Franklin M. Garrett's Necrology Records [microfilm roll number/frame number]
27.  Athens Banner, August 25, 1885
28.  The Southern Watchman, July 1, 1868.
29.  Athens Banner, May 10, 1903.
30.  Clarke County pension records [Jas. Jeff. Jennings, age, wife and d of marriage, served entire war]
31.  Oconee Hill Cemetery Records, Edited by Charlotte Marshall for Athens Historical Society, Athens, Georgia 1971
32.  The Banner, Athens, Georgia, January 5, 1917
33.  The Banner, Athens, Georgia, March 1, 1912
34.  University of Georgia, Ms 1029, Capt. H. H. Carlton's Notebook
35.  Georgia Dept. of Arch. & Hist., Atlanta, Confederate Soldiers' Home Register of Inmates (microfilm drawer 252, roll 3)
36.  Register of the Confederate Dead Interred in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, Published by Gary, Clemmitt & Jones Printers, (1869), GDAH, microfilm drawer 187, roll 25.
37.  Cobb County Pension Records
38.  1900 Georgia Census
39.  Athens Banner, May XX, 1892, article on the 1892 reunion
40.  Rockdale County Cemetery Records, Vol. I, provided by Roland Reagan from Atlanta Historical Society (Atlanta History Center) records, 1990. Information verified from the tombstone at the cemetery
41.  Newton County, Georgia Cemetery Records, Vol. II. Information verified from the tombstone in the cemetery.
42.  Marriages of Franklin Co., GA 1835-1850, by Florence S. Hodges
43.  Tennessee State Library & Archives, Nashville, Tennessee, Confederate Pension file
44.  Barrow an Early Southern Family, compiled and edited by Mae Belle Barrow North
45.  GDAH, Clarke County file of twelve month Support records, 191/35
46.  GDAH, list of Confederate Soldiers of Mitchell County, Georgia, 97/3
47.  GDAH, Bonds to support Confederate Soldiers & their families in Clarke County, 191/35
48.  GDAH, Jackson County pensions for invalid soldiers, 162/46
49.  Jackson County pension records
50.  1905 - 1909 Clarke County Tax Digest, 1907 Tax list of Confederate soldiers, 256/52
51.  Oconee County Cemetery Book
52.  The Athens Banner, May 6, 1890
53.  GDAH, Compiled Service Records of the 29th Battalion Georgia Cavalry
54.  Sketches of Rabun County History, 1819 - 1948, by Andrew Jackson Ritchie
55.  Roster of Confederate Graves, Georgia Division United Daughter's of the Confederacy
56.  1860 Georgia Census
57.  1870 Georgia Census
58.  Scholes' 1878 Directory of the City of Macon, publisher, A. E. Scholes.
59.  Dictionary of Georgia Biography, by Kenneth Coleman & Charles Gass.
60.  GDAH, Clarke County Wills.
61.  Survey of Buena Vista Cemetery, Clarke County, Georgia - delete to 244.
62.  The Medical Profession in Georgia, 1733-1983, by Evelyn Ward Gay
63.  Compiled Service Records of Cobb's Legion
64.  1880 Georgia Census.
65.  GDAH, Edwin Kinnebrew Bible Records, microfilm drawer 19, roll 77
66.  Clarke County Pension Records SAME as #30 -- Change to: Marriage Records, 1805–1901, Georgia Court of Ordinary (Clarke Co.)
67.  Athens Weekly Banner, April 21, 1891
68.  Boggs Chapel Cemetery tombstone
69.  The Maxeys of Georgia, by Elythe Maxey Clark, 1987, Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 80-67672
70.  GDAH, Maddox Family Genealogy, by Mrs. Fredonia Maddox Webster
71.  Habersham County Cemetery Records
72.  Rabun County Cemetery Records
73.  Macon Telegraph newspaper, November 20, 1912, p. 16A
74.  Southern Watchman newspaper, Athens, Georgia, December 31, 1862, 3: 4
75.  Savannah Morning News, January 12, 1908
76.  Laurel Grove Cemetery Records, Savannah, Georgia
77.  Brief Biographies of the Members of the Constitution Convention July 11, 1877. Constitution Publishing Company, Atlanta, Georgia
78.  History of the First United Methodist Church, Athens, Georgia, by John P. Bondurant
79.  Bible Records of James R. Carlton, Elijah Clarke Chapter NSDAR 1946-1947. p. 68-69
80.  The Banner, December 8, 1913
81.  Athens Banner-Watchman newspaper, July 5, 1887
82.  Live Oak Cemetery Records in Selma, Alabama library and cemetery survey
83.  Pelham, Georgia City Cemetery survey
84.  Index to Georgia's 1867-1868 Returns of Qualified Voters and Registration Oath Books (White), compiled by John David Brandenburg and Rita Binkley Worthy
85.  Covington Georgia Enterprise newspaper, May 30, 1902
86.  Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida, reprinted by the Southern Historical Press, edition of 1889
87.  Confederate Military History, Vol. VII, edited by Gen. Clement A. Evans, pp. 869-870
88.  Compiled Service Records of the 2nd Battalion Georgia Cavalry and the 5th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Cavalry
89.  Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer, by Gen. G. Moxley Sorrel
90.  1840 Alabama Census
91.  Hearthstones of Home, Foundations of Towns County, Georgia, Vol. 1, edited by Jerry A. Taylor.
92.  Genealogy of Henry T. Swann and family, compiled by Malcolm E. Turner, III, descendent, Pelham, AL.
93.  Compiled Service Records of the 8th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry
94.  Compiled Service Records of Lt. Waring's Georgia Hussars
95.  Index to the Register of Confederate Soldiers Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, compiled by Michael Litterst
96.  GDAH, 1867, 1868, 1869 & 1870 Clarke County, Georgia Tax Digests
97.  1850 Richmond County Census
98.  1850 Madison County Census
99.  South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service, compiled by A. S. Salley, Jr.


100.  Compiled Service Records of Capt. Richard S. Taylor's Company
101.  101. 1860 Jackson County Census
102.  102. The Lumpkin Family of Georgia, by L. L. Cody
103.  Compiled Service Records of the 66th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry
104.  Warren County pension records
105.  James Fielding Dillard, Confederate Soldier, By Lucy Virginia Dillard; A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 1940
106.  GDAH, 279/62, muster roll of the Troup Artillery dated October 31, 1861
107.  The Banner, September 14, 1911
108.  Madison County pension Records
109.  Fulton County pension records
110.  Lincoln County pension records
111.  Nashville, Tennessee, City Directory
112.  Forbes Bivouac, Historical Records Project No. 465-44-3-115
113.  Dickson County, Tennessee Cemetery Records
114.  Wilkes County Cemeteries, by Nell & F. M. Newsome; The List of Deaths, by John B. Smith; and cemetery survey
115.  Augusta City Directory
116.  Cemetery Inscriptions of Hunt County, Texas, Vol. IV, compiled by Robert Lee Thompson and Kathy Lynn Penson
117.  Recollections and Reminiscences, 1861-1865 through World War I, by South Carolina Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Vol. 1
118.  North Carolina Troops: 1861-1865, by
119.  Cemetery Records of Bartow County, compiled by
120.  Compiled Service Records of Lumpkin's Company Georgia Artillery,
121.  GDAH, Georgia death index on microfiche.
122.  GDAH, 71/79, Richardson Family Collection.
123.  Haralson County pension records.
124.  Waco Baptist Church Cemetery survey.
125.  Kennesaw Mountain National Military Park library, letters of L. C. Cooper and family.
126.  June 6, 1864 letter of Edgar Richardson at the Georgia Department of Archives and History.
127.  January 6, 1864 letter of Edgar Richardson at the Georgia Department of Archives and History.
128.  August 23, 1864 letter of Edgar Richardson at the Georgia Department of Archives and History.
129.  University of Georgia, Ms 59, Carlton-Newton-Mell Collection, letter of Capt. Carlton July 16, 1864.
130.  Oconee County pension records.
131.  131. Richmond County pension records.
132.  132. Strother family cemetery survey.
133.  GDAH, mf. drawer 172, roll 49, file of Confederate Survivor's Association for Northeast Georgia
134.  August 31, 1861 letter of Edgar Richardson at the Georgia Department of Archives and History
135.  Gettysburg National Military Park Pennsylvania, by Frederick Tilberg; National Park Service Historical Handbook Series No. 9, Washington, D.C., 1954
136.  Newspaper obituary of W. T. Doster provided by descendant Gary Doster of Athens from an Oglethorpe County newspaper.
137.  GDAH, microfilm drawer 283, roll 24, file of Elisha S. & Elizur T. England.
138.  ? newspaper obituary of Alsa M. Huggins
139.  Athens Southern Watchman newspaper, August 26, 1863 obituary of Robert B. Richardson
140.  Knox County, Kentucky pension certificate no. 4538
141.  Jackson County marriage records
142.  Franklin County pension records
143.  Morgan County pension records
144.  Walton County pension records
145.  Jackson County, Georgia Cemetery Records, by James A. & Betty Ann Mathis
146.  Hall County cemetery records, by
147.  Hall County pension records
148.  Wilkes County pension records
149.  Wilcox County pension records.
150.  Back to Old Virginia with Dillard, Daniel and Kin, by Carlton M. Dillard and Fielding Dillard (1771-1818) and Descendants, by Carlton M. Dillard.
151.  All of the Dillards descend from Fielding Dillard (b. 1771 Spotsylvania Co., Va., d. 1818 Oglethorpe Co., Ga.) and wife Patsy Martha Beadles who moved to Georgia in 1804.
152.  Life & Travels of W. A. England, E.D. Stone Printer, Athens, Ga. 1902.
153.  Family History, John Pendergrass of Bute County, North Carolina and Lancaster County, South Carolina, by Robert A. Pendergrast; Chestnut Grove cemetery survey.
154.  Cobb County cemetery records.
155.  DeKalb County cemetery records.
156.  A Descriptive List of the Burial Places of the Remains of Confederate Soldiers, who fell in the battles of Antietam, South Mountain, Monocacy, and other points in Washington and Frederick Counties, in the State of Maryland, Published by direction of His Excellency, Oden Bowie, Governor of Maryland, on May 1, 1869.
157.  Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. XV, p. 44.
158.  Bible record of A. C. Patman, Daughters of the American Revolution, Reproduction of Genealogical Records Bible, Church and Family Records, 1982, by Mrs. Leonard G. DeLamar, State Regent and Mrs. Clara Bembry Thomas, State Chairman, Genealogical Records.
159.  Supplement to the History of Oglethorpe County, Georgia, by Florrie Carter Smith.
160.  Athens Southern Banner newspaper, July 19, 1860.
161.  Athens Southern Banner newspaper, August 5, 1858.
162.  Compiled Service Records of 1st South Carolina Cavalry.
163.  Compiled Service Records of 2nd South Carolina Infantry.
164.  Pittman Family Record, Second Edition, by Lona McRee Elrod.
165.  Athens Southern Watchman newspaper, March 28, 1866.
166.  Athens Southern Watchman newspaper, July 5, 1865.
167.  Athens Southern Watchman newspaper, August 5, 1858.
168.  Cemetery records of Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Ga.
169.  Catalogue of the Trustees, Officers, Alumni and Matriculates of the University of Georgia, from 1785 to 1906, Athens, GA.: The E. D. Stone Press, 1906.
170.  GDAH, Compiled Service Records of 3rd Regiment Georgia Cavalry, State Guards.
171.  Johnny Cobb: Confederate Aristocrat, By Horace Montgomery, University of Georgia Monographs No. 11 Athens 1964.
172.  Compiled Service Records of the 2nd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry.
173.  Cemeteries of Macon County, Georgia, 1836-1994, by Guelda L. Hay, Millie C. Stewart & Davine V. Campbell.
174.  Compiled Service Records of the 3rd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry.
175.  Compiled Service Records of Phillips' Legion.
176.  GDAH, Oglethorpe County marriage records.
177.  Oglethorpe County pension records.
178.  1850 Franklin County census.
179.  Athens Southern Watchman newspaper, August 28, 1861.
180.  United Daughters of the Confederacy, Georgia Division, Ancestors Roster (F. Lumpkin - d/b. d/d).
181.  Banks County pension records.
182.  Floyd County pension records.
183.  GDAH, Georgia Death Index on microfiche.
184.  Compiled Service Records of Capt. Henry A. Gartrell's Company of Georgia Cavalry.
185.  Newton County pension records.
186.  Athens Southern Banner, June 8, 1863.
187.  Thomas R. R. Cobb, The Making of a Southern Nationalist, by William B. McCash.
188.  M331, Compiled Service Records of Confederate General & Staff Officers & Non Regimental Enlisted men.
189.  The North-East Georgian newspaper, Athens, Georgia, January 3, 1873.
190.  DeKalb County marriage records.
191.  Augusta Daily Chronicle & Sentinel newspaper, April 5, 1873.
192.  Athens Southern Banner newspaper, February 16, 1872.
193.  Athens Southern Banner newspaper, March 1, 1872.
194.  Bossier Parish History, 1843-1993, the first 150 years, by Clifton D. Cardin; Bossier Banner newspaper, Bellevue, La., April 29, 1880 & Bossier Banner-Progress, June 16, 1927.
195.  Bradberry family bible records held by Mrs. Ann Brackett of Athens, Ga.
196.  UGA, Ms. 69, Col. David C. Barrow Collection, letter of Pope Barrow February 28th, 1862.
197.  The Glory of Covington, by William Bailey Williford, 1973.
198.  GDAH, Muscogee County pensions.
199.  U. S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park, Fredericksburg, Va., files of Robert K. Krick, Chief Historian.


200.  Upshur County Cemetery Records of Texas, Compiled and Published by Audie Ray Stanley, Lurline Stanley, Douglas Ray Stanley, 1974 (info on birth & death date, location of cem. & wife’s name).
201. Methodist Preachers in Georgia 1783-1900, Edited and compiled By Harold Lawrence.
202. GDAH, microfilm drawer 279, rolls 109 & 110, CSA War Dept., Adjutant & Inspector General's Office Special Orders, March 7, 1861 to April 1, 1865. Original in possession of Col. George Washington Flowers Memorial Collection, Trinity College Library, Duke Univ., Durham, NC.
203. Georgia Veterans and Their Widows Who Applied for Confederate Pensions in Alabama, Compiled by F. W. Weatherbee, Jr.
204. Descendant John Thomas, Rt. 1, Box 1482, Ochelata, OK 74051.
205. Alabama Widow’s Indigent Pension.
206. Cemeteries of Bibb Co., Ala., 1817-1974, By Howard F. McCord.
207. Confederate Pension Records of DeKalb Co., Al.
208. DeKalb Co., Alabama, Cemetery Survey, Vol. 3, Prepared By Gadsden Branch Of Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, 1966.
209. Alabama Pension Records, Application to the Old Soldier’s Home of Alabama.
210. Tutwiler Collection, Birmingham Public Library, Birmingham, Al., Records of Interment at Confederate Park Cemetery, Number One, Mountain Creek, Chilton Co., Al.
211. John and Edward Tuck of Halifax County, Virginia and Some of Their Descendants, Compiled by Alethea Jane Macon.
212. South Carolina State Archives, Comptroller Gen’l. - Confederate Pensions Files 10522-10821, Spartanburg, Co., Roll #31, File 10593
213. Confederate P. O. W.’s., Soldiers & Sailors Who Died In Federal Prisons & Military Hospitals In The North, Compiled by Frances Terry Ingmire, National Archives.
214. Compendium of Guest - Guess Descendants of William Guest, Sr., Compiled by William L. Guest, Spring, TX.
215. University of Georgia, Ms. 59, Carlton-Newton-Mell Collection, June 22nd 1862 letter of H. H. Carlton.
216. 1870 & 1880 U. S. Federal Census.
217. Marriages of Arkansas Co., Arkansas, 1786-1875, Vol. I, p. 81, By R. W. Dhonau.
218. 1860 Elbert Co. Census.
219. 1870 Towns Co. Census.
220. Warrenton Clipper newspaper, Bi-Centennial issue, July 25, 1993.
221. State of Alabama, Jefferson County, 1889 application for relief for maimed or disabled soldiers.
222. Gerdine family history furnished by Park Gerdine, Mississippi.
223. Information provided by Carole Montgomery Castleberry, descendant of Thomas Montgomery & Texas pension application No. 50638.
224. Oconee County pension records - see - #130.
225. Information on brothers and cemetery information of James T. Sansom from Larry McLaughlin.
226. Compiled Service Records of the 25th North Carolina State Troops.
227. Acts of the State of Georgia, 1849-1850, p. 325.
228. List of Confederate soldiers living in Clarke Co., Ga. in 1906.
229. Survey of the Hale-Meyer Cemetery, corner of Cherokee Rd. and Shoals Creek Rd. near Winterville in Clarke Co., Ga.
230. wife’s name from family genealogy of descendant Malcolm E. Turner, III in Alabama (see #92).
231. Confederate Soldier’s Home of Georgia, Atlanta, Ga. October 8, 1902, pp. 54 & 55 (Soldier’s Home info. & date of death).
232. The Atlanta Journal, April 10, 1902, p. 8 (info on Moore’s Arty).
233. Survey of the Cord Mill Cemetery, Clarke Co., Ga.
234. Survey of the Old Sandy Creek Baptist Church Cemetery near Nicholson, Jackson Co., Ga.
235. Historic Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Georgia 1804-1997, Boyd Publishing Co., Inc. 1998.
236. National Archives, Letters received by Secretary of War, 1861-1865, microcopy No. M437, letter No. 5616, roll 10 (info on TX & AL, Univ. of NC & Law Sch.)
237. State of Tenn. Death Certificate #4968 (date of birth, location of birth, date of death & info that he was transported to Montgomery for burial).
238. Information supplied by Jeff Cobb, Jr., Houston, TX, descendant of James Jackson Jennings (name of wife, related to the Jennings, full name of Henry Jennings.
239. TBD
240. Information provided by the sexton at Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, AL.
241. Information on marriage & wife courtesy of descendant Frank Miller.
242. A Partial Account of The McCleskey Family in Georgia , p. 140, by Walter Scott McCleskey (bro../law).
243. Information supplied by Mildred Shirley of Milbrook, AL (birth date, move to Mont. & where buried).
244. Athens-Clarke Co., Georgia Cemeteries, The Athens Historical Society, Inc. 1999.
245. Information provided by direct descendant Sara Francis Waddell Nalley. (date of marriage, middle name & date of death).
246. Confederate Reminiscences and Letters, 1861-1865, Georgia Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Vol. 9, p. 160, Atlanta, GA 1999. (info on the wounds at Gettysburg; uncle of John Bostick [Bostwick]; nephew of Daniel Mathews [Mathis]; served to end of war; J. O. Waddell N.GA commander UCV).
247. 1870 Texas Census.
248. marriage information provided by descendant, Cecil I. Dobbs, Jr. in Sunnyvale, CA.
249. descendant Mary Lou Midkiff, Midland, TX (wife, Amanda & d.o.m./James Jackson Jennings d.o.m. & wife’s name).
250. Ancestors and Relatives of Arthur C.S.S. Winfrey , by Arthur C.S.S. Winfrey, Gateway Press Baltimore, MD 1999.
251. List of Graves of Confederate Soldiers Lying on the Battlefield Still Marked, Taken in May 1866, by Dr. J.W.C. O’Neal.
252. NA RG 109 M347 Unfiled papers, Confederate Service records in alphabetical order (442 rolls).
253. Emory Univ. special collections. Ms. 444, diary of Charles J. Oliver.
254. NA RG109 M323 Roll 299 Compiled Service Records of the 5th Texas Infantry.
255. Sons of Confederate Veterans Ancestor Album (1986).
256. Marriage information provided by descendant Jim Willoughby of Milledgeville, GA.
257. GDAH, mf. drawer 239, roll 72, Confederate Survivors Assn. Record Book for Morgan Co., GA. 1908 mortuary records.
258. Alumni History of the University of North Carolina, Daniel Lindsey Grant, Exec. Sect. General Alumni Assn. Second Edition, 1924.
259. Information furnished by descendant Mrs. Robert N. Hale, Sr. (marriage info.).
260. These Men Wore Gray, Vol. VII , Jackson Co, GA, by Karen Ann Thompson Ledford.
261. 1864 Census For Re-organizing the Georgia Militia, abstracted and Compiled by Nancy J. Cornell.
262. These Men Wore Gray, Vol. IV, Rabun Co., GA, by Karen Ann Thompson Ledford.
263. Wayside Home Register, Wayside Home, Union Point, Georgia. September 29th 1862 to June 1864. Compiled by Thomas Spencer.
264. Southern Watchman newspaper, February 11, 1874.
265. Southern Watchman newspaper, October 19, 1864.
266. Athens Daily Banner newspaper, Feb. 9, 1900.
267. The [Weekly] Banner, July 26, 1912.
268. Letters Received by the Confederate Adjutant General & Inspector General & by the Quartermaster General, NA M410, roll 106, 256-D-1864.
269. Ga. Dept. Arch. & Hist. , Vertical files of Ga. Mil. Records for Clarke Co.
270. Southern Watchman, May 19, 1875.
271. Daily Richmond Enquirer, June 2, 1864, 1:7.
272. Interment records of Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, TN.
273. Death Certificate
274. Descendant – Jessie Roundtree
275. The Maxeys of Virginia, by Edythe Maxey Clark, Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1980
276. Marriage Records, white and colored, 1854-1923, Georgia Court of Ordinary (Hart County)
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278. Annals of Athens, Georgia 1801-1901 by Augustus Longstreet Hull, p. 215-6.
279. Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865, Vol. 1, p. 309 compiled by Lillian Henderson.
280. Information provided by Henry T. (Ted) Urquhart, Jr.
281. Southern Watchman newspaper, Athens, GA, July 18, 1864, v. XI #16 p 3.
282. Information provided by descendant, Terri Guest.
283. Information provided by descendant, R. L. Guffin.
284. Information provided by descendant, Sandy L. Landrum-Kelly.
285. Minutes of Sandy Creek Presbyterian Church (a.k.a. Bethesda Church), Jackson Co., GA, Jan. 23, 1842.
286. Information on birth date & marriage provided by great-grandaughter, Jo Ledbetter Chastain.
287. Georgia Settlers Quarterly of the East Georgia Genealogical Society, Vol. 3, No. 1.
288. Cobb County, Georgia Cemeteries, Vol. II, 1991, Cobb Co. Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 1413, Marietta, GA 30061, page 170.
294. The Atlanta Constitution newspapers dated June 16, 1900 & Nov. 9. 1902
295. Information provided by genealogist, Robert Hale



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