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Wartime  Diary  of  John  Weatherred

Bennett's Regiment or 9th Tennessee Cavalry

John Hunt Morgan's Command


Thanks to W.B. "Buzzy" Bate Jr. and his family for allowing publication of this work.   Use and reference to this work is welcomed provided appropriate acknowledgement to this website is provided.

This very detailed diary ends suddenly in Greenville, Tennessee where John Hunt Morgan was killed.   Whether the remaining diary was lost or discontinued is speculation only.   The exact time when the manuscript was written isn't clear but it was several years after the war while John Weatherred was in retirement in Tacoma, Washington.

New An original  History of the Weatherred Family by John Coleman Weatherred in 1915 was recently discovered and reveals family information previously unknown, including John's middle name.  As any additional family information  comes to light  we will make the information available here.

I live between Hartsville and Gallatin, Tennessee and am very familiar with many of the references contained in the Diary.   I metal detect for a hobby and have dug and displayed relics from various camping and battle sites mentioned as well.   Good unpublished regimental diaries are not common and for this reason it is offered here for the enjoyment and historical value it contains.

Jack Masters

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