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John Beaty Sr. was born ca 1725 in Ireland and came to Pennsylvania about 1750. He married first, Margaret Montgomery. Their family consisted of 8 children including James and Andrew. After Margaret's death John migrated south to Rowan County, North Carolina. Apparently the older sons migrated also. Andrew was living in Sullivan County when the Revolutionary War started.

John Beaty's second wife in unknown but we do know that they had at least three sons including George Beaty. All three sons I have mentioned settled along the East fork of the Obey river at Boatland, Fentress County, Tennessee and are developed in our work.

  • 2nd Generation

  • James Beaty - Born 10 Feb 1753 in Chester, Co., PA, Died after 1835 in Rutherford Co., TN. He married Mary Catherine Smith. They had one son:

    • 3rd Generation

    • Isaac Beaty, Born 1803 in Cumberland Co., KY, Died Fentress Co., TN. He married Susannah Gwin and they had eleven children.

  • Andrew Beaty - Born 1758 in Pennsylvania, Died 19 Jul 1836. He married Elizabeth Cooper. Andrew lived in what is now Sullivan Co, TN during the Revolutionary War, but later migrated to Cumberland Co., KY. He and Elizabeth had seven children including:

    • Alexander Beaty - Born 1798 in Cumberland Co., KY, Died 1881 in Fentress Co., TN. He married Mary "Polly" Hull and they had nine children.

    • William Thomas Beaty - Born 1800 in Kentucky, Died 1878 in Little Crab, TN. He married Jane Mullinex and they had eleven children.

  • George Beaty - Born 1785 in North Carolina, Burial in Lacy Cem., Boatland, Fentress Co., TN. He married Lydia Ann Wilson. They had eight children including:

    • J. Fleming Beaty - Born 1812 in Boatland, Fentress Co., TN, Died 1882. He married Sarah Cobb and they had nine children.

    • David "Tinker Dave" Beaty - Born 19 Feb 1817 in Boatland, Fentress Co. TN, Died 22 Aug 1876. He married Avey Collier and they had seven children.

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