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Johann Schmidt was born in Germany and migrated west due primarily to religious upheaval. In the new world he soon became John Smith and migrated to the western slopes of the Carolina Appalachians and raised a family of eleven children, six boys and five girls.

His oldest son was named George Smith, Born in 1731 and Died 20 Mar 1804 in Stockton Valley, KY. He married the daughter of an Irish Immigrant named Rebecca Bowen ca 1768 in Augusta Co., VA. Rebecca was Born ca 1748 in Ireland and Died ca 1830 in Overton Co., TN. They had thirteen children including the following four who are well documented in our work:

  • 3rd Generation

  • Philip Smith - Born Aug 1769 in Botetort Co., VA, Died 1865 in Fentress Co., TN. He married Emily "Millie" Atkinson 11 Jan 1798 in Cumberland Co., KY. They had twelve children including the following four:

    • 4th Generation

    • Jesse Bowen Smith - Born 24 May 1800 in Cumberland Co., KY, Died 24 Oct 1865 in Jackson Co., TN. He married 1st Susannah L. "Sarah" Crouch 17 Feb 1820 in Cumberland Co., KY. They had nine children. He married second Martha Dearing 30 May 1861 in Albany, Clinton Co., KY. Their family included two children.

    • Isaac Denton Smith - Born 20 May 1810 in Cumberland Co., KY, Died 1 Jan 1904 in Pickett Co., TN. He married Zerelda Ann Smith ca 1834. They had nine children.

    • John M. Smith - Born 8 Sep 1814 in Cumberland Co., KY, Died ca 1885 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO. He married first, Margaret, ca 1824 in Virginia. They had six children. He married second, Sarah Lewis.

    • Martha Ellen Smith - Born 21 Dec 1818 in Cumberland Co., KY, Died 24 Jan 1922 in Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN. She married William "Barnet" McDonald on 21 Mar 1839. Their family included eleven children.

  • George Smith Jr. - Born 1773 in Botetourt Co., VA. He married Beulah Thompson ca 1797. They had two daughters:

    • Rose Smith - Born 1898

    • Sharon Smith - Born 1898

  • William Smith - Born 17 Dec 1781 in Botetourt Co., VA. Died, 25 Jul 1823 in Kentucky. He married Margaret Ryder 15 Oct 1801 in Cumberland Co., TN They had ten children including the following three sons:

    • Reece Bowen Smith - Born 30 Jul 1807 in Kentucky, Died, 30 Oct 1868 in Jackson Co., TN. He married Margaret Bristow on 12 Apr 1829. They had thirteen children.

    • Allen Smith - Born 1 Sep 1814 in Kentucky. He married first Sarah in Kentucky. They had ten children. He married second Catherine. Their family consisted of five children.

    • Jonathan Smith - Born 30 Jul 1819 in Kentucky, Died 27 Jan 1886 in Kentucky. He married Jane Wilburn ca 1844 and they had nine children.

  • John "Raccoon John" Smith Born 15 Oct 1784 in Sullivan Co., TN Died 28 Feb 1868 in Mexico, Audrain Co., MO. He married first Anna Townsend in Wayne Co., KY. They had four children including the following two girls:

    • Jennie Smith - Born 10 Apr 1812 in Wayne Co., KY. She married Thomas Jefferson Boles and they had one son.

    • Zerelda Ann Smith - Born 7 Jun 1814 in Wayne Co., KY, Died 12 Feb 1891 in Pickett Co., TN. She married Isaac Denton Smith. (See entry above)

    John married second Nancy Hurt 25 Dec 1815 in Wayne Co., KY. They had eleven children including the following:

    • Maria M. Smith - Born ca 1825 in Montgomrey Co., KY. She married James A. J. Lee ca 1840 in Kentucky. They had six children.

    • Harvey James Smith - Born ca 1831 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY. Died 22 Feb 1859. He married Mary C. Steadham 15 Dec 1852 in Scott Co., KY. They had one daughter.

    • Emily F. Smith - Born ca 1832 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY. She married A. R. Ringo 21 Dec 1853 in Scott Co., KY. They had one daughter.

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