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    Nabors                                     Phy
      Charles Nabors                             Burch B. Phy
      Harvey Nabors                              Christopher Phy
      James C. Nabors                            David M. Phy
      Terry W. Nabors                            Kathryn L. Phy
                                                 Lindsey Phy
    Neff                                         Lisa Phy
      Leonard Neff                               Mark S. Phy
                                                 Paul H. Phy
    Nelson                                       Powell Q. Phy
      Gladys Nelson
    Nixon                                        Daniel R. Pichon III
      Tennessee "Tenny" Nixon
    Nolen                                        Francis M. Pierce
      Evela M. Nolen                             Jim Pierce

    Norris                                     Pigg
      Dennis Norris                              Matt Pigg
      Fred Norris                                Scrilda A. Pigg
      Herschell Norris
      Joan Norris                              Pitcock
      John Norris                                Aaron "Red" Pitcock
      Virginia Norris                            Alyne Pitcock
      Wilma Norris                               Birt Pitcock
                                                 Brenda Kay Pitcock
    Owens                                        Carl Pitcock
      Joyce M. Owens                             Charlie Pitcock
                                                 Connie Pitcock
    Pack                                         Danny W. Pitcock
      Ethel Pack                                 Debby Pitcock
                                                 Dian Pitcock
    Parish                                       Donnie Pitcock 
      Cora Parish                                Jay B. Pitcock
                                                 Lester Pitcock
    Payton                                       Linda B. Pitcock
      Sylvia J. Payton                           Mary Pitcock
                                                 Ronnie Pitcock
    Peek                                         Vallie Pitcock
      Mary D. Peek                               Wade Pitcock

    Pendergrass                                Pooler
      Helen Pendergrass                          Mabel Lota Pooler

    Pennington                                 Poston
      Caldonia "Callie" Pennington               Campbell Poston
                                                 Elizabeth Poston
    Pennycuff                                    Elizabeth "Betsy" Poston
      Judy N. Pennycuff                          Martha Jane Poston
                                                 Thomas Poston
      Florence V. Phillips                     Powers
      Lily B. Phillips                           Kevin Patrick Powers
      Marion Phillips
      Mary F. Phillips                         Prentice
      Wheeler Phillips                           Effie Prentice
      Zana C. Phillips

                            PAGE 2

    Presley                                    Reed
      LaVonna Presley                            Teola Reed

    Prindle                                    Reid
      Linda Prindle                              Dayton Reid
                                                 Gid Reid
    Proffit                                      Jannie Reid
      Mary Jean Proffit                          Martha Reid
                                                 Reece Reid
    Prosser                                      Tommy Reid
      Clyde A. Prosser                           Wiley Reid

    Pryor                                      Reneau
      Bernadene Pryor                            Ellen Reneau
      Bonnie Dee Pryor
      Homer L. Pryor                           Renn
      John P. Prior                              John Renn
      Joy Lee  Prior                             William Renn Jr.
      Landon O. Prior                            William A. Renn
      Minnie E. Prior
      Olah Ethel Prior                         Rentchler
      Olive May Prior                            Charles Rentchler
      Patricia Prior
      Roy F. Prior                             Richardson
      Ruby Mae Prior                             Unknown Richardson
      Thomas W. Prior
      William Prior                            Richman
                                                 Russell Richman
      Fannie Purcell                           Riddle
                                                 Bobby Ray Riddle
      Pam Queen                                Ridge
                                                 Earl Glenn Ridge
    Ramsey                                       Tyler Allen Ridge
      Anthony Ramsey
      Bonnie Ramsey                            Riley
      Burr Ramsey                                Lodema Riley
      Cledetha Ramsey                            Thomas Riley
      Jack Ramsey
      Louise Ramsey                            Ringo
      Mary C. Ramsey                             A. R. Ringo
      Ottis Ramsey                               Gertrude Ringo
      Vera Ramsey
    Randolph                                     Gladys Rippy
      Pearl Randolph
    Ray                                          Thomasine Mary Ritter
      D. Ray
    Rector                                       Ann Roberson
      Louise Rector
      Robert W. Rector

                            PAGE 3

    Robinson                                   Schmidt
      Grace Robinson                             Tonya Lee Schmidt
      Mary Robinson
      Mary Ann Robinson                        Schultheis
      Navis H. Robinson                          Bradford Von Schultheis
      Norma Ruth Robinson                        William F. "Rick" Schultheis
      Ralph Robinson Rev. 
      Wayne Robinson                           Scott
      Wesley Robinson                            Calvin Scott

    Rodler                                     Seavers
      Joseph Rodler                              Maybell Seavers

    Rogers                                     Selby
      Eula Mae Rogers                            Clara Selby
                                                 W. N. Selby Rev.
      Gavis Alan Rose                          Sells
      Kelly Regina Rose                          Billy Sells

    Roseberry                                  Shaver
      Michelle D. Roseberry                      James M. Shaver
                                                 Mary Jane Shaver
    Roy                                          Maudie D. Shaver
      James C. Roy                               Michael M. Shaver
                                                 Robert D. Shaver
    Rupert                                       Thomas S. Shaver
      Catherine Rupert
    Russell                                      Eva Short
      Don Russell
    Rutherford                                   Beth Shulman
      Edward R. Rutherford
    Ryder                                        Angela R. Simmons
      Margaret Ryder                             Joseph Simmons
      Susannah Ryder
    Sadler                                       Celina Simms
      Henry Sadler
    Sarr                                         James G. Singley
      Michael Sarr
      Stephen M. Sarr                          Sleeman
                                                 Andrea M. Sleeman
    Satterthwait                                 George K. Sleeman
      Anna M. Satterthwait                       Jessica J. Sleeman
                                                 Kimberly K. Sleeman
      Mary J. Schaefer

      Calvin G. Schmidt

                            PAGE 4

    Smith                                      Smith
      Agnes "Aggie" Smith                        Douglas Smith
      Albert P. Smith                            Douglas J. M. Smith
      Aldora  Smith                              Doyle Smith
      Alfred A. Smith                            Dunk Smith
      Alice Smith                                Dustin D. Smith
      Allen Smith                                Earl D. Smith
      Allie D. Smith                             Early Smith
      Almarine Smith                             Ed Smith
      Alvin "Lou" Smith                          Edgar D. "Ed" Smith
      Amanda C. Smith                            Edward D. Smith
      Ametha Smith                               Edward G. Smith
      Amos Smith                                 Edward P. Smith
      Anella Smith                               Edward W. Smith
      Ann Smith                                  Eldrenda Smith
      Anna Smith                                 Eli Smith
      Anna Eliza Smith                           Eliza Smith
      Annie W. Smith                             Eliza Ann Smith
      Arlene K. Smith                            Eliza B. Smith
      Audery I. Smith                            Eliza C. Smith
      Avis "Gertrude" Smith                      Eliza Jane Smith
      Beldon "Pat" Smith                         Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith
      Bell Z. Smith                              Elizabeth "Jane" Smith
      Benjamin Smith                             Eliz. B. "Bettie" Smith
      Benjamin D. Smith                          Ella Smith
      Benjamin W. Smith                          Ellie Smith
      Bennao Smith                               Ellie Lee Smith
      Benton "Bear Cat" Smith                    Elonze L. "Fate" Smith
      Bess Smith                                 Elvira Smith
      Biddy C. Smith                             Emilia C. "Milly" Smith
      Bill Smith                                 Emily F. Smith
      Billy R. Smith                             Emily Jane Smith
      Billy R. Smith Jr.                         Emley E. Smith
      Carl Smith                                 Emma Smith
      Caroline I. Smith                          Emma Lou Smith
      Catherine Smith                            Emma V. Smith
      Charles A. Smith                           Ermine I. Smith
      Charles G. Smith                           Esther Smith
      Charles V. Smith                           Estler "Oplis" Smith
      Clarie A. Smith                            Ethel P. Smith
      Clemma M. Smith                            Eva L. Smith
      Cleo "Beatrice" Smith                      Everett W. Smith
      Cleo L. Smith                              Ezra B. Smith
      Clydean Smith                              Fancy M. Smith
      Cora V. Smith                              Faye Smith
      Cordell Fount Smith                        Fount P. Smith
      Corina L. Smith                            Fountain P. Smith
      D. L. Smith                                Francis J. Smith
      Dale Smith                                 Frank D. Smith
      David M. Smith                             Genie O. Smith
      Deborah E. Smith                           George Smith
      Della M. Smith                             George A. Smith
      Denton Palo Smith                          George G. Smith
      Dewey Smith                                George Jr. Smith
      Doratha Smith                              George P. Smith
      Dorothy W. Smith                           George W. Smith
      Douglas Smith                              Glen Neal Smith
      Douglas J. M. Smith

                            PAGE 5

    Smith                                      Smith
      Glenn Smith                                Jesse T. Smith
      Glenn Ray Smith                            Jimmy Smith
      Grady Smith                                Joanne O.  
      Grady D. Smith                             Joel H. Smith
      Gussie Smith                               John Smith
      H. M. Smith                                John "Raccoon John" Smith
      Harold H. Smith                            John Allen "Pop" Smith
      Harrett S. Smith                           John D. Smith
      Harvey J. Smith                            John L. Smith
      Haskell Smith                              John M. Smith
      Hattie E. Smith                            John O. Smith
      Helen M. Smith                             John T. Smith
      Henry Smith                                John U. Smith
      Henry Hiram Smith                          Jonathan Smith
      Herman Smith                               Jonathan C. Smith
      Herschell Smith                            Jonathan L. Smith
      Howard Bryant Smith                        Jonathan L. "Looney" Smith
      Howard B. Smith Jr.                        Jonathan Lewis Smith
      Howard B. Smith III                        Jordon "Alty" Smith
      Howard Harding Smith                       Joseph Smith
      Ila Mae Smith                              Joshua Carrol Smith
      Ina Smith                                  Joyce Smith
      Infant Smith                               Judy Smith
      Isaac "Woolsey" Smith                      Judy D. Smith
      Isaac Denton Smith                         Kathryn Smith
      Isaac Denton "Dent" Smith                  Kathy Smith
      Isaac L. Smith                             Kathy Lynn Smith
      Isaac S. Smith                             Kelly Bruce Smith
      Isabell D. Smith                           Kenneth Jean Smith
      J. Barlow Smith                            Kenny Mix Smith
      J. T. Smith                                Kimberly C. Smith
      James Smith                                Knox Smith
      James Smith                                Knox Smith Jr. 
      James B. Smith                             Laura Smith
      James H. Smith                             Laura Lynn Smith
      James Mattison "Mat" Smith                 Lena R. Smith
      James R. Smith                             Linda C. Smith
      James W. Smith                             Linda F. Smith
      Jane Smith                                 Lisa M. Smith
      Janie Smith                                Liza J. Smith
      Jas G. Smith                               Lizzie Smith
      Jasper Smith                               Lola F. Smith
      Jennie Smith                               Lonnie Smith
      Jerry Smith                                Lucas Smith
      Jerry Bruce Smith                          Lucrecia Smith
      Jesse B. Smith                             Lucretia C. Smith
      Jesse Bowen Smith                          Lura Smith
      Jesse Bowen "Bert" Smith                   Lusanna Smith 
      Jesse Bowen Smith II                       Luther Smith
      Jesse T. Smith
      Jimmie Smith

                            PAGE 6

    Smith                                     Smith
      Luther T. Smith                           Odessa "Jewell" Smith
      M. A. Smith                               Olive B. Smith
      Machelle R. Smith                         Olla M. Smith
      Maletha C. Smith                          Ollie N. Smith
      Marcus Smith                              Ona A. Smith
      Margaret Smith                            Onnan W. Smith
      Margaret "Polly" Smith                    Opal Lee Smith
      Margaret A. Smith                         Ora Agnes Smith
      Margaret S. Smith                         Oren "Bryan" Smith
      Margarett C. Smith                        Ossie Smith
      Maria M. Smith                            Otha Clay Smith
      Marietta  Smith                           Ovie M. Smith
      Marjour M. Smith                          Owen Smith
      Martha "Jane" Smith                       Patricia Smith
      Martha A. Smith                           Paul Smith
      Martha Addie Leona Smith                  Paul C. Smith
      Martha Ann Smith                          Pauletta Ann Smith
      Martha E. Smith                           Pauline Smith
      Martha Ellen Smith                        Pearl R. Smith
      Martha M. Smith                           Pearlie C. Smith
      Martin Burse Smith                        Philip Smith
      Mary Smith                                Philip L. Smith
      Mary "Polly" Smith                        Philip P. Smith
      Mary Almedia Smith                        Pleasant H. Smith
      Mary Bell Smith                           Pleasant M. Smith
      Mary L. Smith                             R. Leona Smith
      Mary M. Smith                             Rebecca G. "Nell" Smith
      Mary P. Smith                             Rebecca Jr. Smith
      Mary V. Smith                             Rebecca Lynn Smith
      Mary Vance Smith                          Reece Bowen Smith
      Matilda A. Smith                          Reece Bowen Smith Jr.
      Matthew D. Smith                          Richard Smith
      Matthew P. Smith                          Richard Earl "Dick" Smith
      Maurice Adkins Smith                      Richard M. Smith
      Melisa Smith                              Richard S. Smith
      Milly Smith                               Robert Smith
      Milly A. Smith                            Robert A. Smith
      Milton Brown Smith                        Robert Lee Smith
      Milton O. Smith                           Robert S. Smith
      Minis "Osco" Smith                        Roberta Marie Smith
      Minnie L. Smith                           Robin Lynn Smith
      Missie Smith                              Rosa Nell Smith
      Montra Smith                              Rosco V. "Riley" Smith
      Monty D. Smith                            Rose Smith
      Morrison Smith                            Ruby J. Smith
      Mounce G. Smith                           Russell E. Smith
      Nancy A. Smith                            S. J. Smith
      Nancy Jane Smith                          Sally Smith
      Nancy Kate Smith                          Sammie Clay Smith
      Nancy P. Smith                            Sammie C. Smith Jr.
      Naomi S. Smith                            Sandra Lee Smith
      Nickie Lee Smith                          Sarah Smith
      Obed D. Smith                             Sarah Ann "Sally Smith

                            PAGE 7

    Smith                                      Snodgrass
      Sammie Clay Smith Jr.                      Louise Snodgrass
      Sandra Lee Smith
      Sarah Smith                              Spears
      Sarah Ann "Sally" Smith                    Charlie Ray Spears
      Sarah C. Smith                             Elliot Neal Spears
      Sarah E. Smith
      Sarah J. Smith                           Speck
      Sarah Lou Smith                            Charles Ray Speck
      Shannon D. Smith
      Sharon Smith                             Spicer
      Shirley Smith                              Mike Spicer
      Silas Hardy Smith                          Timothy H. Spicer
      Stephanie Ann Smith                        Trenena G. Spicer
      Steve Smith
      Steven A. Smith                          St Jerome
      Susan M. Smith                             Alice St Jerome
      Susan M. Smith
      Sylvester Smith                          Stacy
      Sylvia I. Smith                            Mary Stacy
      Theola Smith
      Theresa "Katherine" Smith                Staley
      Thomas Smith                               Ona Fay Staley
      Thomas "Marion" Smith
      Thomas D. Smith                          Stanton
      Thomas Smith                               Mattie Stanton
      Thomas G. Smith
      Tiffany Smith                            Steadham
      Tillman H. Smith                           Mary C. Steadham
      Tina Smith
      Towney Q. Smith                          Steele
      Ula C. Smith                               Unknown Steele
      Virginia Fay Smith
      Walter Smith                             Stegall
      Wanda Smith                                William V. Stegall
      Warren Hal Smith
      William Smith                            Stewart
      William "Bill" Smith                       Doris Stewart
      William A. Smith                           Dorothy Ann Stewart
      William A. "Smoker Bill" Smith
      William C. Smith                         Stockton
      William C. "Bill" Smith                    Claudia Stockton
      William C. Smith Jr.                       Dawane Stockton
      William Clay Smith
      William D. Smith                         Draper
      William Fountain "Fount" Smith             Larry Draper
      William Long Smith                         Nathaniel Draper
      William P. Smith                           Roger Draper
      William W. Smith                           Susanna Draper
      William W. "Will" Smith
      Zella Maxine Smith                       Stone
      Zerelda Ann Smith                          Suzanne Stone

    Snodgrass                                  Stonecipher
      Louise Snodgrass                           Velma M. Stonecipher

                            PAGE 8

    Story                                      Tayse
      Mary Story                                 Barbara I. Tayse
                                                 Ima Jean Tayse
    Stout                                        Lola Dean Tayse
      Carl V. Stout                              W. Roy Tayse
      Carlena Stout
      Elver C. Stout                           Teegarden
      John Ervin Stout                           Ed Teegarden
      Leona Stout
    Straton                                      Alta Cora Terry
      Alonzo Straton                             Hop Lee Terry
      Helen Faye Straton                         Lena Rose Terry

    Strong                                     Thomas
      Gladys Strong                              Linda Marie Thomas
      Steve Strong
    Sullivan                                     Beulah Thompson
      Anna Sullivan                              Isaac D. Thompson
      Haskell Sullivan                           William Thompson
      Logan Sullivan
      Lura C. Sullivan                         Tisha 
      Margaret Sullivan                          Mary Ann Tisha
      Mary Sullivan
      Rebecca S. Sullivan                      Tobin
      Sandy Sullivan                             Emma Tobin
      Tom Sullivan
      Willie H. Sullivan                       Townsend
                                                 Anna Townsend
    Surak                                        James Townsend
      Victoria Surak
    Swack                                        Menerva J. Troutt
      Becky Swack
    Swallows                                     Michael R. Trzaskowski
      Bryant Swallows                            Richard Trzaskowski
      David Swallows
      Letha Ann Swallows                       Tucker
                                                 Steve Tucker
      Eunice D. Swann                          Tudor
                                                 Alice Tudor
    Tanner                                       Henderson Tudor
      Clara Tanner                               Martha C. Tudor

    Tate                                       Turner
      Paylo Tate                                 Enoc Turner
                                                 John Turner
    Taylor                                       Lana Turner
      David Taylor                               Pat Turner
      Mary E. Taylor                             Reed Turner
                                                 Robert Turner

                            PAGE 9

    Vallareal                                  White
      Amanda Vallareal                           Jean White
      Jeremy Vallareal                           Jeff White
      Timmy Vallareal                            Velma White

    Van Warmer                                 Whitman
      Unknown Van Warmer                         Iona Whitman

    Vaughn                                     Wilburn
      Jane "Jennie" Vaughn                       Jane Wilburn
                                                 William Wilburn
      Dale Vallareal                           Wiles
      John Vallareal                             Christena Wiles
                                                 Daniel Wiles
    Wake                                         Fred Wiles
      Gardner Wake                               Freddy Wiles
      Lois Ann Wake                              W. Dale Wiles
                                                 Windy Wiles
      Sallie Walker                            Willeford
                                                 Kenneth Willeford
    Walthall                                     Shirley Jean Willeford
      Shawn Pate Walthall
      Stan L. Walthall                         Williams
      Tiffany K. Walthall                        Tommy E. Williams

    Warden                                     Wilmoth
      Amy Sue Warden                             Charlie B. Wilmoth
      Danny Lee Warden                           Dewey Wilmoth
      Nettie Warden                              Edna Joyce Wilmoth
                                                 Guy Edward Wilmoth
    Watts                                        John G. Wilmoth
      Berdie Watts                               Joshua C. Wilmoth
      Carolyn Watts                              Marie Wilmoth
      Theodore F. Watts                          Mark E. Wilmoth
                                                 Michelle R. Wilmoth
    Webb                                         Richard G. Wilmoth
      Carol Lee Webb                             William F. Wilmoth
      Marylin Webb
      Reba Webb                                Wilson
                                                 Arissie Wilson
    Wells                                        Carolyn G. Wilson
      Henry Wells                                Charles B. Wilson
                                                 Charles D. Wilson
    West                                         Christine Wilson
      Benton West                                Edna Wilson
      Jackie M. West                             Ela Ray Wilson
                                                 Eliza Wilson
    Whitaker                                     James B. Wilson
      Thomas D. Whitaker                         James U. Wilson
      Vance B. Whitaker                          Joe H. Wilson

                            PAGE 10

    Wilson                                     Wynn
      Julie K. Wilson                            James Barney Wynn
      Linda S. Wilson
      Lois Charline Wilson                     York
      Mina Wilson                                Hopie C. York
      Richard L. Wilson
      Sarah R. Wilson                          Young
      Wally Wilson                               Winnie Young
      William Wilson
    Wood                                         Lou Vella Young
      Charlotte A. Wood
      Katherine L. Wood                        Zachary
      Roy E. Wood                                Canada Zachary
      Roy E. Wood Jr.
    Woolbright                                   Andrea John Zambardi
      Anthony Woolbright
      Anthony G. Woolbright
      Lisa L. Woolbright
      Tonia Woolbright
      Tony Woolbright

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