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Masters Family History


New Masters Family History as of March 11, 2022 is now available. See "Masters Family Topics" below for details.


Masters Crest

Masters Family Lines


A site dedicated to the Masters family.  For a better understanding of
previous family research as well as details of this internet site you may want to
refer to About our Masters Family Site.              Jack Masters

  • 1st Generation

  • Robert Masters - Immigrant descendant. Died, Mar 1716, in Prince Geo. Co., MD. A1, A19 Robert's know son was:
    • 2nd Generation
    • i.   William " W " Masters (Robert 1) - born ca 1691 in Calvert Co., MD.  Died after 1771 in Prince Geo. Co., MD with burial in Prince Geo. Co., MD at Plantation, Discovery.  He married Mary Veatch ,   daughter of Nathan Veitch and Ann ?, circa 1713, in Prince Geo. Co., MD.  She was born  circa 1693 in Calvert Co., MD and died in Prince Geo. Co., MD.  Burial in Prince Geo. Co., MD at Plantation, Discovery.Prince George Co., MD. A1, A18 (Calvert Co., MD is now Prince George's County MD.)

      William & Mary had 4 known Children who were were:


      3rd Generation

      • i. Nathan Masters (William W.2, Robert 1) - Born ca 1714 in Prince Georges Co., MD, &   Died Apr 1744.   He married Frances Willson 1 and they had three known children:
        • 4th Generation
        • i.   Priscilla Masters (Nathan 3, William W.2, Robert 1) 1
        • ii.  Elizabeth Masters 1
        • iii. Mary Masters - Married Richard Beane before 1758. 1

        3rd Generation

      • ii. Robert Masters (William W.2, Robert 1) - Born ca 1715 in Prince Georges Co., MD,   Died Oct 1770 in Frederick Co., MD.   He married Mary ca 1744 in Maryland near what is now Dickerson, MD. A1, A16 They had four sons:
      • 3rd Generation

      • iii. Elizabeth Masters (William W.2, Robert 1) - Born 24 Mar 1717, in Frederick Co., MD,  Died 29 Mar 1802 in Hope, Forsythe, NC.   She married Ezekial Goslin and they had nine children. 1


      • iv. William Masters Jr. (William W.2, Robert 1) - Born   ca 1723 in Prince Georges Co., MD, Died Nov 1777.  He married Margaret ca 1742.   There were no known children in this union which lasted about 2 years.  Margaret did later have three children, Sarah, William and Verlinda Windom which were at one time thought to be children of William Masters. 2, A4 , A17

        William's 2nd family was with Tryphenia North. daughter of George and Rebekah North of Dorchester County Maryland. She was Born ca 1733 and died after 1806. 2, 185, A48 Their Children:

        • 4th Generation

        • i.   William North Masters (William Jr. 3, William W.2, Robert 1)

        • ii.   John North Masters

        • iii.   Dorcas Masters - Born 1756.   She married William Jenkins 18 Nov 1779. 2

        • iv.  Elizabeth Masters - Born 1761, died after 1777.   She resided in Prince Georges Co., MD.2

        • v.   Ezekiel Masters

        • vi.   Nathan Masters

        • vii.  George Masters - Born 1768.  Died 12 Dec 1797. Resided in Prince Georges Co., MD. 2

        • viii. Joshua Masters

        • ix. Mary Masters - Born 1772,  Died 12 Jan 1796.  She married John Waugh 2 Nov 1793. They resided in Prince Georges Co., MD. 2

        • x. Female Masters - Born ca 1773. A2

    The information and lines presented here supercede data and lines represented in our book.  I'll always try to keep the most current thinking on our site with updates as more information comes to light.  


    Masters Family Surname Index

    Our Masters Family History was published in 1989.   The index below contains the 7,954 family members included in this work along with another estimated 1,500 or so which have been added since then.  Note that all women are listed by their maiden names.


    Ba - Bo
    Br - By
    E - F
    I - K
    Mab - Masterman
    Masters A - G
    Masters H - K
    Masters L - P
    Masters Q - Z
    Mat - Mc
    Me - My
    N - O
    Q - R
    U - V
    W - Z



    Masters Family Topics


    • MASTERS FAMILY HISTORY Exactly as originally published in 1989 now available as a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.  Offered on CD for $29.95 along with $6.00 for postage and handling.   Additional copies are available for a total of $23.50 each as long as I can send all to the same address.  If you would rather have on a flash drive enclose an additional $8.00.  Make your personal check payable to Jack Masters and send to:

      Jack Masters
      1049 Robertson Road
      Gallatin, TN  37066

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    Masters Family Association

    The Masters Family Association is a worldwide clearinghouse for all with the Masters surname on a non-commercial basis and is maintained by   Dave Masters.    It's the place to start for sure and all comments and contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

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