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    Nailor                                     Nelson
      Mary E. Nailor                             Betty Nelson
                                                 Bobby Nelson
    Nall                                         Carrie Nelson
      Dorothy R. Nall                            Estel Nelson
                                                 Jesse C. Nelson
                                                 Lonnie Nelson
                                                 Lula Anne Nelson

    Nalley                                     Nemens
      William T. Nalley                          Don Nemens

    Narinagate                                 Nethery
      Marilyn Narinagate                         Doug Nethery
                                                 Martha M. Nethery
      Albert Roy Neal                          Neville
      Albert Roy Neal Jr.                        Annette Neville
      Albert Sylvester Neal
      Antha M. Neal                            Nevins
      Cecil R. Neal                              Amelia Nevins
      Charles P. Neal                            Betty Nevins
      Claude Neal                                Ester Nevins
      Donna Sue Neal                             Ike Nevins
      Edna E. Neal                               Ollie Bell Nevins
      Exie P. Neal
      George Hampton Neal                      Newby
      Gladda M. Neal                             Paul Newby
      Hannah Neal
      James E. Neal                            Newcomb
      James R. "Ralph" Neal                      Unknown Newcomb
      John Paul Neal
      John Sterling Neal                       Newman
      Judith Ann Neal                            G. W. Newman
      Mary Jane Neal
      Paul Neal                                Newmeyer
      Robert David Neal                          Lisa R. Newmeyer
      Sheryl Ann Neal
      Shirley Neal                             Newport
      Shirley Jean Neal                          Pearl Newport

    Needham                                    Newsome
      Callie Needham                             Jane Rhea Newsome

    Needler                                    Nichol
      Bobbi C. Needham                           April C. Nichol
      William E. Needham                         Raymond R. Nichol III
                                                 Raymond R. Nichol IV
    Neely                                        Raymond R. Nichol Jr.
      Agnes Martelia Neely
      Albert Neely                             Nichols
      Olene Neely                                Joan Nichols

                            PAGE 2
                                                 Elmer Norrod
      Mary P. Nicholson                        North  
                                                 George & Rebekah North
                                                 John North 
    Nickel                                       Tryphenia North
      Juanita Nickel                             William North

    Nickens                                    Norton
      Brenda Jean Nickens                        Cassandra Norton
      Jerry W. Nickens
      Julie C. Nickens                         Norvell
      Paul Nickens Jr.                           Debra Kay Norvell
                                                 Elmer Lee "Dick" Norvell
    Niebuhr                                      Gayla Norvell
      Biran Niebuhr                              Harry E. Norvell
      Jeff Niebuhr                               Jamel Norvell
      Kevin Niebuhr                              Joey Lee Norvell
      Robert Niebuhr                             Lance Norvell
      Scott Niebuhr                              Nicolas Lee Norvell

    Nilen                                      Nosworthy
      Almira Lucy Nilen                          Bernice Nosworthy

    Noah                                       Nunley
      Sherif Noah                                Ed Nunley
                                                 Lena Nunley
    Nobel                                        Lizzy Nunley
      Elizabeth Nobel
    Nolen                                        Lucy O'Brien
      Charles M. Nolen  
      Chris Nolen                              O'Briend
      Lucy Nolen                                 J. Chris O'Briend
      Michael J. Nolen  
      Tabatha M. Nolen                         O'Daniel
      William A. Nolen Jr.                       Leah O'Daniel

    Noll                                       O'Dell
      Minna Noll                                 Dean O'Dell
                                                 Frank O'Dell
    Nord                                         Julia O'Dell
      Elvy Nord
    Norman                                       Kathleen O'Keefe
      Carol Ann Norman
      Edward Norman                            O'Kelly
      Sharon L. Norman                           Mary L. O'Kelly
      William Norman
                                                  Calvin O'Neal
                                                  Eula O'Neal
      Catherine Norris
      Emil Norris                              Oatsvall
      William Norris                             Alfred O. Oatsvall
                                                 Jessie C. Oatsvall
    Norrod                                       Jessie R. Oatsvall
      Claudia Norrod

                            PAGE 3
    Odum                                       Ogletree
      Herman F. Odum                             Mona S. Ogletree
      Nancy Odum                                 Nannie Ogletree
                                                 Osta Ogletree
                                                 Paraline Ogletree
                                                 Pleasant Ogletree
                                                 Reese Ogletree
    Ogletree                                     Reese O. "Reason" Ogletree
      Alamay Ogletree                            Ver Ogletree
      Avo Ogletree
      Benjamin Ogletree                        Oldfield
      Charlene Ogletree                          Harriet Oldfield
      Charles C. Ogletree
      D. C. "Chester" Ogletree                 Oliver
      Ethel E. Ogletree                          Horace Oliver
      Eunice Ogletree                            Johnny Oliver
      Fannie Ogletree
      Gertrude Ogletree                        Onstott
      Hobert Ogletree                            Azice Onstott
      Ingebor Adelaide Ogletree
      Ingober "Eng" Ogletree                   Orr
      Irene Ogletree                             John Orr
      James C. Ogletree
      James Garfield Ogletree                  Overstreet
      James P. Ogletree                          Amelia Overstreet
      Jimmy Lee Ogletree                         Nickolia Dawn Overstreet
      Joe Bilyeu Ogletree                        Robert Overstreet
      Josephine "Josie" Ogletree
      Lexes Ogletree                           Owens
      Maggie Ogletree                            Lana Kay Owens
      Mary Edna Ogletree                         Merrick Union Owens
      Mary T. "Polly" Ogletree                   Octavia A. Owens
      Millard Ogletree                           Teresa Kay Owens
      Millard Ogletree
                                                 Abey Leann Adelina Ownsby


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