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A1.   Carol Collins & Jim Funkhouser.
A2  1776 census of St. John's and King George's Parish, Maryland.
A3.   Louella "Lou" Richey-Brown.
A4  James Funkhouser.
A5  Mark Masters.
A6  Vincent Grice.
A7  David Masters.
A8.   Prince Georges' Co., Original Will: William Masters - (Hall of Records) Box 12, folder 57.
A9.   Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD. PG Liber NN, fol. 342-3 (16 Jan 1755), to William Masters, Jr. for tender regard, love and natural affection for his son: Discovery, lying on south side of eastern branch of Potomac River; equalling 52 acres; wife, Mary, signed.
A10 Terry Freek.
A11 Terry Freek & Sharon Taylor.
A12 Brina Phann.
A13 Sharon Suite Ward.
A14 Rebecca Masters Amner.
A15 David Morgan.
A16 Original Inventory, Folder 13 (Hall of Records, now Md. State Archives); Inventory & accounts vol. 38, p. 121.
A17 "Thomas Windom was the son of Thomas Windom, Sr. who died in 1720.  His mother, Susannah, remarried John Norris Jr. while John Norris Sr. and William (W) Masters signed as bondsmen to guarantee their appointment as guardians of Thomas and William Windom, his sons. (Prince Georges Co., Deed Lib. I, fol. 87)" 
*** John Norris Jr. was guardian of Thomas and William.  His father and Wm. Masters signed as bondsmen.

A18 "William (W), along with his father-in-law, Richard Weaver, as surety, bound themselves for 50 pounds sterling to serve as administrator on this estate (PG Co. Adm. Bonds, Lib. 1, p. 94).  In 1717 he served as surety for Susanna Windom, executrix of the estate of Thomas Windom.  (Test. Proc: Lib. 23, fol. 160)  When John Norris Jr. served as guardian of Thomas and the estate of Thomas and William Windom, sons of Thomas.  Bond was given by John Norris, Jr. John Norris, Sr., and William Masters. (PG Co. Guardian Bonds, Lib. H, fol. 1104).  Susanna Windom remarried John Norris (PG Co. Administration Accts., Lib. JB#1, fol. 243-44; Then came John Norris and Susannah, his wife, formerly Windom...")"
*** Richard Weaver  wasn't William W's father in law - possibly his uncle, possibly his cousin (depending on generation).  Mary Weaver was the supposed wife of Robert
A19 No proof exists that Robert Masters is the Immigrant or that he was the father of William (W) Masters.  A William Masters served as administrator for  Robert Masters, final inventory (Md. Prerogative Ct. Inv. & Accts vol 37 (1716-17), p. 68; Prince Georges Co., Inventory Lib BB#1, fol. 261):  If this William is our William (W) who died ca 1771 he could not have been the same generation as Robert, even if Robert died at a very young age.  Robert had a daughter who married William Norris (as per the inventory) and had died before her father.  Name unknown... but they had a son, John, who figures in the later generations.
A20 Paulette Sidwell.
A21 Gary Denton Norris, Overton County Roll Call, Cemetery Records - 2nd Edition 2000.
A22 Willie Washam.
A23 Putnam County Herald (Cookeville, TN) Obit [3/13/1913, Vol. XI, No. 11, Page 3].
A24.  Morgan County ILGenWeb © 2000  Images cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or for other presentation without express permission by the contributor(s).
A25 History of Morgan County, Illinois - Its Past and Present Chicago: Donnelley, Loyd & Co., Publishers, 1878.
A26 Larry Earl Mabry & Reda Knight Bilbrey Jackson County Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions: 1801 - 2003 Tennessee Valley Publishing, 2004.
A27 Levi Bradley was the son of James Bradley & Hannah PogueJames was born in 1776 and they were married in Wilkes Co., NC on 1 May 1806.  Hannah was the daughter of Joseph  Pogue & Nancy Harper.  Levi married Jane Barlow, on 29 Apr 1828 in Wilkes Co., NC.  She was the daughter of John Barlow and Elizabeth Merritt. 
A28 Nancy Bradley was the sister of Levi Bradley who was the father of Matilda Bradley - wife of James B. Masters.  See Family Lines of Eliphalet & Nancy (Bradley) Barlow.
A29 Lisa James Delgado.
A30 John D. Hinds Sr.
A31 Lisa James Delgado & John D. Hinds Sr..
A32 Kay Schulle.
A331850 census of Murry Co., Georgia.
A341900 census of Pike Co., Indiana.
A35. July 17th, 1793 copy of will written by William Masters - in possession of Kay Schulle.
A36Greta Gutknecht & Thresa Hawkins.
A37Louella "Lou" Richey-Brown.
A38Lisa Johnson.
A39Patricia Rye.
A40Brian Mooney.
A41Genevieve M. McKinley/Harder.
A42The Penny Bisho and Mike Bolger Family Home Page.
A43Hinds Site: Ken Hinds Genealogy.
A44Weldon Moore Palmer.
1930 Zinco - High School yearbook from Cardin, OK.
A46Mark Schmidt.
A47Jamie Green Adams.
A48Rebecca North-Masters Huffman.

Source Internet Sites

IS1.  My Family Tree Site maintained by Vincent Grice and contains a wealth of Masters data.

IS2.  My Masters Family Tree Site maintained by Mark Masters