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The Bradley & Barlow Families

by Jack Masters - August 2004


Matilda Bradley, wife of James B. "Jim" Masters and the Bradley Family Link


Back in the years prior to 1989, when our book was published I never really had the time to fully research Matilda Bradley, the wife of James B. "Jim" Masters, my great great grandmother and grandfather.  We knew her name was Matilda Bradley and thought her parents were Eli Bradley and Jane, based solely on the following family in the 1850 Hawkins County, Tennessee Census:

084 BRADLEY ELI  1br 39 m TN
  Jane 45 f TN
  Matilda 17 f TN
  Martha 15 f TN
  James 14 m TN
  Malinda 12 f TN
  Levi 10 m TN
  Cynthia 9 f TN
  Larkin 8 m TN
  Andrew 1 m TN

We looked for Eli Bradley in subsequent census records and never found him - Until recently, by accident I found the following transcription in the Tennessee 1860 Census:

"BRADLEY, Leevi 48, Jane 55, Mariah M. 22, Larkin W. 18, Andrew J. 11 Ov-210-177"

As with the case of many researchers, the census takers spelling of a family name had resulted in a difficult path of discovery. Malinda" in the 1850 census is called "Mariah M" in the 1860 census but since the dates work it's obviously the same child.  The census takers next household in the 1860 census was:

 "Bradley, Levi P. 21, Thena 19, Ov-200-172"

Living close to his parents, Levi P. Bradley was  another child of Levi and Jane Bradley. One additional son, Larkin N. Bradley enlisted in Company B of the 13th Tennessee Cavalry from Overton Co., TN.

This places Eli/Leevi Bradley and Jane in Overton County as residents prior to 1860 when Matilda Bradley and James B. "Jim" Masters were married on 28 April 1859 in Overton Co., TN.  It' interesting to note that 3 children of this marriage would be named for siblings of Matilda - Jane, Larkin Andrew and Martha.

A little closer checking into the "Extract from 1880 Tennessee Census" found that Matilda listed her birth state as Tennessee and both her father and mother as being born in North Carolina. North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 showed:

Groom:    Levi Bradley
Bride:    Jane Barlow
Bond Date:    29 Apr 1828
Bond #:    000164189
Level Info:    North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum:    000420
County:    Wilkes
Record #:    01 024
Bondsman:    Eli Storie
Witness:    W. Davenport

Marriages of Wilkes County, North Carolina, 1778 - 1868 compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, notes that a condition of the marriage was "consent from James and Hannah Bradley, parents of Levi Bradley."

Next in the North Carolina Marriages:

Groom:    James Bradley
Bride:    Hannah Pogue
Bond Date:    1 May 1806
Bond #:    000164190
Level Info:    North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum:    006378
County:    Wilkes
Record #:    01 024
Bondsman:    Joseph Pogue
Witness:    Wm B Lenoir


The Barlow Family migrates eastward along with the Bradley Family

While reviewing an internet site "Going Home for History - Barlow family of Wilkes County, North Carolina" The following lines are outlined: 1

First Generation

Children of Rev. John Barlow (1740/45 - 1820/1845) m. Elizabeth
John Barlow Jr. (abt.1768 - 1856/67) m. 1) Nancy Rash (abt. 1772 -1800/02),
d/o Joseph Rash and Milidred Isbell Rash, 2) Elizabeth Kindall Merritt
Ruth Barlow (1771) m. John Wallace
Mary Barlow (1773) m. Rev. Jacob Crouch
Thomas Barlow (ca. 1775) m. Susan Childs Isbell
Eliphalet Barlow (1777) m. Mildred Barlow
Elizabeth Barlow (abt. 1779/1780) m. John Carlton

Second Generation

Children of John Barlow Jr and 1) Nancy Rash
Elizabeth Barlow (abt. 1789) m. Martin Livingston (abt. 1793-1854)
Parrish Barlow (1791-?) m. Mary Land (?-1828), d/o Jonathan Land and Elizabeth Isbell
William R. Barlow (1793 - bef.1850) m. 1) Jane Burch (?-1819/1827), d/o Thomas Burch & Sarah Jones,
2) Lydia Walker; 3) Lydia Winkler (m.1827), d/o Matthias Winkler and Catherine Arney
Eliphalet Barlow (1795-1870) m. Nancy Bradley (abt.1807-aft.1880),
d/o James Bradley & Hannah Pogue

Thomas Barlow (1797-1872) m. Sarah Kilby (1804-1870/1880), d/o Abraham Kilby & Elizabeth Rash
Mary (Polly) Barlow (1799-1830) m. John Walker, Jr., s/o John Walker and Mary Stanley


Children of John Barlow Jr. and Elizabeth Kindall Merritt

Nancy Barlow (ca.1804-1880/1889) m. Thomas Coffey Jr. (abt. 1804-1889)
Joseph Barlow (ca. 1806-1880/1890) m. Louisa Laxton (1812-1880/1890),
d/o Thomas Laxton & Mary (Polly) Carlton
John Henry Barlow (1808-1862) m. Matilda Kilby, d/o Abraham Kilby and Elizabeth Rash
Jane Barlow (abt. 1810-aft.1855) m. Levi Bradley (abt. 1813-?), s/o James Bradley & Hannah Pogue
Braxton Barlow (1812-1880) m. Charlotte Carlton (1814-?), Thomas Carlton & Catherine Livingston
Son Barlow (1814-1820/1830)
Larkin Barlow (1816-1902) m. 1) Edith Knight 2) Nancy Humphries

Note John Barlow Jr. and his 2nd wife Elizabeth Kindall Meritt  as well as the parents and lines of Jane Barlow.  This establishes Jane's surname an well as the confirmation that the parents of Levi were listed as James Bradley & Hannah Pogue.

Another interesting site was called Bunches of Barlows 2  When listing the names of the children of John Barlow Jr and Elizabeth "Betsy" Kendall Merritt, the following caption was given:

xi. JANE BARLOW  born 1810 Wilkes Co North Carolina. 
    She married LEVI BRADLEY April 29, 1828, son of JAMES BRADLEY and HANNAH POGUE.   
    Levi was a year or two younger than Jane and had to have his parents consent to marry.  
    They are shown in the 1830 Wilkes Co census  as 1 male 15-20, 1 female 20-30, and one 
    male under 5.  They moved to Greene Co Tennessee.  She was apparently still living in 1855, 
    when she is named in her father's will as Jane Bradley. 

This same site lists:

    Eliphalet Barlow
    son of
    John Barlow, Jr. & Nancy Rash

      ELIPHALET4 BARLOW (JOHN3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born about 1796 in Wilkes Co
      North Carolina and died about 1870 in Greene Co Tennessee.

      He  married NANCY BRADLEY  February 11, 1823, Wilkes Co North Carolina,  daughter of JAMES BRADLEY and HANNAH POGUE.  She was born about 1807 in
      North Carolina, and died after 1880 in Overton Co Tennessee.

      Bunches of Barlows, page 11

      In February 1828, a Wilkes County deed from John Barlow to Eliphalet Barlow for 
      150 acres of land was duly acknowledged in open court by John Barlow, recorded, 
      and ordered registered.  Eliphalet is found in the 1830 Wilkes County census with 2 sons and 2 daughters.  According to the birth dates, of his children, a son and daughter, born before 1830, must have died young.  He is mentioned in his father's will in January 1855 indicating that he is still living.  Martha Babb, a descendant of Clinton, Tennessee, says he moved to Overton and later to Greene Counties in Tennessee, where he died after 1870.  Nancy died after 1880.


          Children of ELIPHALET BARLOW and NANCY BRADLEY are: 
                i. JAMES5 BARLOW born 1824  - married CYNTHIA NICHOLS 
               ii. AMANDA BARLOW born 1829 - married SAMUEL BROWN 
              iii. MILLY BARLOW born 1831 
           34. iv. JOHN ASBURY BARLOW born Oct 30, 1833 died Oct 28, 1903 
                v. ALFRED BARLOW born 1835 - married SARAH JANE NICHOLS 
               vi. PICKENS BARLOW born 1840 - died after 1860 
              vii. THOMAS W. BARLOW born 1847 - married DELIA MASTERS 

      Eliphalet Barlow was born in Wilkes Co. NC. and was last found in Wilkes Co. on the 1830 census. On the 1840 and 1850 census he was a resident of Greene Co. TN. By 1860 he had moved to Overton Co. TN. and died there before the 1880 census.  

Thomas W. Barlow, above listed as child vii. married Delia Ann Masters in Overton County, TN in 1870.

If all this sounds confusing - it's because it is. A map of the areas more clearly shows the migration route followed from Wilkes County, NC to Overton County, Tennessee. Interesting to note most families came via Greene and Hawkins Counties in Tennessee. I am certain about the migration of our Bradley and Barlow families - why they chose Overton County is an interesting topic we may never understand.

Migration Map

Considerable more information may be obtained by visiting the sites outlined in the "End Notes" below.  As I continue to work on these lines I'll update this site.  Your input would be valuable as well.

End Notes

1.   Barlow Family Going Home for History, Wilkes County, North Carolina.  Faye Jarvis Moran webmaster

2.   Bunches of Barlows aka ... The Wilkes County Bunch... 


















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