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      Aaron Benjamin Masters Rev.                Alfred B. Masters              
      Aaron Burr Masters                         Alice Masters
      Aaron C. Masters                           Alice G. Masters
      Aaron Leon Masters                         Alice Lucille Masters
      Aaron R. Masters                           Alice Pope Masters
      Ace Benton Masters Rev.                    Alice Ruth Masters
      Ada Masters                                Alice V. Masters
      Ada J. Masters                             Allen Masters
      Ada M. Masters                             Allie Mae Masters
      Adeline Masters                            Allie R. Masters
      Ader A. "Noonie" Masters                   Alma Lois Masters
                                                 Almira "Mide" Masters
      Alan Masters                               Alpha O. Masters
      Alan M. Masters                            Alta Lee Masters
      Albert Masters                             Alta Mae Masters
      Albert Benton Masters                      Alton H. Masters
      Albert Dee Masters                         Alton L. Masters
      Albert E. Masters                          Alva Noland Masters
      Albert Goodlet Masters                     Alva C. Masters      
      Albert L. Masters                          Alvie C. Masters
      Albert Leonard Masters                     Amanda Masters 
      Albert Logan Masters                       Amanda "Wanda" Masters 
      Albert Ridley Masters                      Amanda Dawn Masters 
      Albert Ridley Masters                      Amanda F. Masters
      Albert Roy Masters                         Amanda Jane Masters
      Albert Thomas Masters
      Alberta Ann Masters                        Amanda R. Masters
      Alexander Dexter Masters                   Amaziah Smyth Masters
      Alexander W. Masters                       Amber D. Masters 
      Alford Masters
                           PAGE 2

      Amelia Masters                             Belle Masters
      Anderson Masters                           Ben Elmo Masters
      Andrea K. Masters                          Benjamin Masters
      Andrew Masters                             Benjamin "Benjy" Masters       
      Andrew Masters                             Benjamin A. "Ben" Masters
      Andrew C. Masters                          Benjamin F. Masters  
      Andrew C. "Andy" Masters                   Benjamin Franklin Masters
                                                 Benjamin Franklin Masters
                                                 Benjamin Franklin Masters
                                                 Benjamin Franklin Masters
      Andy Masters                               Benjamin J. Masters  
      Angela Rhae Masters                        Benton Masters
      Angeleta Nell Masters                      Berlie H. "B. H." Masters
      Angus Notley Masters                       Bernice Ruth Masters                   
      Ann Masters                                Berry Todd Masters
      Ann Masters                                Bertha Masters
      Anna Bell Masters                          Bertha Opal Masters
      Anna L. Masters                            Beryl H. Masters
                                                 Bessie Mae Masters
      Anne Zulene Masters                        Bettie Masters
      Annellar Masters                           Betty Masters
      Annie Masters                              Betty C. Masters
      Annie B. Masters                           Betty Jean Masters
      Annie Irene Masters
      Annie L. Masters                           Betty L. Masters
      Ansley Masters                             Betty Ruth Masters
      Ansley E. Masters                          Beulah Masters
      Anthony S. Masters                         Beulah Jane Masters
      Arbus Jean Masters                         Beulah Viola Masters
      Archie Masters                             Beverly Masters
      Arkley Allen Masters                       Beverly Ann Masters
      Arkley Coe Masters                         Beverly Jan Masters
      Arther Ory Masters                         Billie Masters
      Arthur Masters
      Arthur Buford Masters                      Billy Masters
      Arthur J. Masters                          Billy Carl Masters
      Arthur M. Masters                          Billy Clay Masters
      Arvin Masters                              Billy Clay Masters Jr. 
      Asa Masters                                Billy D. Masters
      Atwell Chatt Masters                       Billy Joe Masters
      Audrey Ann Masters                         Billy Joe Masters Jr. 
      Ava Masters                                Billy Paul Masters
      Avo Masters
      A. V. Masters
      B. W. Masters                              Birdie Catherine Masters
      Barbara Masters                            Birdwell Benton Masters
      Barbara Ann Masters                        Birtha L. Masters
      Barbara Jean Masters                       Blanch Masters
      Barbara J. Masters                         Bobbie Masters
      Barbara May Masters                        Bobby Masters
      Barry C. Masters                           Bobby Lee Masters
      Barry Gene Masters                         Bobby Ray Masters
      Barry Gene Masters II                      Bolivar Masters
      Bart Masters                               Bolivar C. Masters
      Baylus Earl Masters                        Bonnie Jean Masters
      Beatrice Annette Masters                   Brandon Masters
      Beatrice Audrey "Bea" Masters              Brenda Masters
      Becky Masters                              Brenda Jean Masters
      Bedford Masters                            Brenda Kay Masters
      Bedford C. "Beaver" Masters                Brenda V. Masters
      Bedford C. Masters Jr.                     Brett D. Masters

                           PAGE 3

      Brian L. Masters                           Charles Joseph Masters
      Bridgett N. Masters                        Charles L. Masters
      Brina Lea Masters                          Charles Leon Masters
      Brock Masters                              Charles Leon Masters Jr.
      Bryan Masters                              Charles M. Masters
      Bryson Hale Masters                        Charles Owen "Slim" Masters
      Bud Bedford Masters                        Charles Randal Masters
      Buford W. Masters                          Charles Raymond Masters
      Burr Lee Masters                           Charles S. Masters
      C. Masters                                 Charles Tipton Masters
      C. H. Masters                              Charles T. Masters Jr.
      C. P. Masters                              Charles W. Masters
      Callen Masters                             Charles William Masters
      Cana R. Masters                            Charles Warren Masters
      Carl Lennox Masters                        Charlie Masters
                                                 Charlie Masters
                                                 Charlie A. Masters
      Carla A. Masters                           Charlie B. Masters
      Carla D'Ann Masters                        Charlie E. Masters
      Carmen Masters                             Charlie Morgan Lansden Masters
      Carol Anne Masters                         Charlie Postell Masters
      Carol E. Masters                           Charlie Postell Masters Jr.
      Caroline Masters                           Charlotta Masters
      Caroline D. Masters                        Charlotte Masters
      Caroline M. Masters                        Charlotte Masters
      Carolyn Masters                            Charlotte Ann Masters
      Carolyn R. Masters                         Charlsie Masters
      Carolyn Sue Masters                        Chauncy Monroe Masters  A B
      Carrie Masters
      Carrie Eliza Masters                       Cheryl Ann Masters
      Carroll Edward Masters
      Carroll Lee Masters                        Chester Masters
      Carter Masters                             Chester A. Masters
      Carter B. "CB" Masters                     Chestley M. Masters
      Casey Masters                              Chloe Ann Masters 
      Cassandra Masters                          Chris A. Masters
      Cassandra M. Masters                       Christa L. Masters
      Casto L. Masters                           Christian D. Masters
      Catherine Masters                          Christina Masters
      Catherine Masters
      Catherine Masters
      Catherine Amanda Masters                   Christina Jean Masters
      Catherine C. Masters                       Christine Masters
      Catherine E. Masters                       Christopher Masters
      Cathy Ann  Masters                         Christopher C. Masters
      Cecil Masters
      Cecil V. Masters                           Christy Lynn Masters
      Celina Jane Masters                        Clarence Arthur Masters
      Chad Lee Masters                           Clarence C. Masters
      Chad T. Masters                            Clarence E. Masters
      Charles Masters                            Clarkson Masters
                                                 Claude Masters
      Charles B. Masters                         Claude Walton Masters
      Charles Edward Masters                     Claude William Masters
      Charles Francis Masters                    Claudine Emily Masters
      Charles Henry Masters                      Clay KcKellar Masters
      Charles Irby Masters                       Cleaven Coe Masters

                            PAGE 4

      Cleda Masters                              David A. Masters
      Clemma Mae Masters                         David Brown Masters
      Clifton Masters                            David C. Masters
      Clinton Masters
      Clinton Thomas Masters                     David G. Masters
      Clyde Masters                              David J. Masters
      Cody B. Masters                            David L. Masters
      Coleman Carl Masters                       David M. Masters
      Colin Masters                              David R. Masters
      Colin K. Masters                           David Ray Masters
      Columbus Lee Masters                       David Ronald Masters
      Columbus Lee Masters Jr.                   David T. Masters
      Comer Masters                              Davis Masters
      Comer B. Masters                           Davis C. Masters
      Connie Masters                             Davis Coe Masters
                                                 Davis Coe Masters
      Connie L. Masters                          Dayna Rae Masters
      Cora Masters                               Debbie Masters
      Cora Elizabeth Masters                     Deborah Masters A B
      Cora M. Masters                            Deborah "Debbie" Masters
      Cora V. Masters                            Deborah "Delong" Masters
      Cordell Hull Masters                       Deborah Marie Masters
      Corder Wilson Masters                      Deborah M. Masters
      Corine Masters                             Dee Masters
      Cornelius Worth Masters
      Corrine Masters
      Cortney M. Masters                         Delia Ann Masters
      Courtney Ann Masters                       Della Masters
      Coya Masters
      Craig Dee Masters                          Delores Ann Masters
      Cris Masters                               Denise R. Masters
      Curtis G. Masters                          Dennis Masters
      Cyntha Dawn Masters                        Dennis W. Masters
      Cynthia Ann Masters                        Derek S. Masters
      Cynthia Anne Masters                       Derick Masters
      Daisy Masters                              Derreck Masters
                                                 Dessel Masters
                                                 Dessie Masters 
      Daisy Angeline Masters                     Dessie W. Masters
      Daisy Elnore Masters                       Dewey G. Masters
      Daisy L. Masters                           Dexter W. Masters
      Dan Masters                                Diana Masters
      Daniel C. Masters                          Diana Kay Masters
      Daniel F. Masters                          Diana Lynn Masters
      Daniel S. Masters                          Diane Masters
      Danielle J. Masters                        Dick Masters
      Danny Masters                              Dillard Joshua Masters
      Danny Mack Masters                         Doak Dean Masters
      Danza Masters                              Docia Hazel Masters
      Darla M. Masters                           Doctor Masters
      Darlene Masters                            Dolphus Masters
      Darlene Ann Masters                        Domer Lee Masters
      Darrell V. Masters                         Don Masters
      David Masters                              Donald Masters
      David "Dave" Minus Masters                 Donald H. "Don" Masters

                            Page 5

      Donald Ray Masters                         Edwin M. Masters
      Donita D. Masters                          Edwin S. Masters
      Donna Gale Masters                         Effie Masters
      Donna Jo Masters                           Effie Dartell Masters
      Donna May Masters                          Eleanor S. Masters
      Donnie Masters                             Elias A. Masters
      Donnie H. "Don" Masters                    Elias Walter Masters
      Dora Masters                               Elias Walter Masters Jr.
      Dora Masters                               Elias William Masters
      Dora E. Masters                            Eliza Masters
      Dora Elizabeth "Betty" Masters             Eliza Ann Masters
      Dora Lee Masters                           Eliza Jane Masters
      Dora P. Masters                            Eliza Jane Masters
      Dorcinasna Masters                         Elizabeth Masters #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
      Dorcus Masters                                               #6 #7 #8 #9 #10
      Doris Masters                                                #11 #12
      Dorinda Masters
      Doris Ellen Masters                        Elizabeth "Lizzy" Masters                  
      Dorothy Masters                            Elizabeth A. Masters 
      Dorothy Belle Masters                      Elizabeth Ann Masters
      Dorothy E. Masters                         Elizabeth B. Masters
      Dorothy Wyman Masters                      Elizabeth Jane "Eliza" Masters
                                                 Elizabeth R. Masters
      Dorthey Louise Masters                     Elizabeth Ray Masters
      Dorthy Grace Masters                       Ella Masters
      Douglas Masters                            Ella Elane Masters          
      Dovey Faye Masters                         Ella J. Masters
      Dowe Masters                               Ella L. Masters
      Dustin Masters                             Ella Mae Masters
      Dwight Masters                             Ellen Masters                           
                                                 Ellen Gail Masters                       
      Dylon Clay Masters                         Emaline Masters                                                 
      E. Masters                                 Elmer Lee Masters         
      Earl Wayne Masters                         Elmer Lewis "Pete" Masters 
      Earnest Masters                            Elmo Masters                                
      Ernest D. Masters                          Elred E. Masters
      Easter Masters
      Eddy Don Masters                           Elsie Masters
      Edgar Masters                              Elsie Ann Masters
      Edgar Lee Masters                          Elvira Masters
      Edgar W. Masters                           Elvis Masters
      Edith Masters                              Emaline L. Masters
      Edith Leech Masters                        Emily Masters #1 #2  
      Edith Y. Masters                           Emily Caroline Masters
      Edmund Masters                             Emily Edna Masters 
      Edmund Herndon Masters                     Emily S. Masters
      Edna Masters                               Emma Alberta Masters
      Edna G. Masters                            Emmeline Jane Summers Masters
      Edna Reeves Masters                        Emaline Louisa Masters
      Edna Vivian Masters                        Emmett E. Masters
      Edward Baylus Masters                      Enoch Masters
      Edward James Masters
      Edward C. Masters                          Eric S. Masters
      Edward D. Masters                          Erma Masters
      Edward Hampton Masters
      Edward Fowler Masters                      Erman Masters
      Edward Willis Masters                      Esibus W. "Sib" Masters
      Edwin Luther Masters                       Estel E. "Bud" Masters
                                                 Estelle Masters
                            PAGE 6

      Esther Lee Masters                         Gabriel H. "Gabe" Masters 
      Ethel Masters #1 #2 #3                     Gail Lou Masters
      Ethel M. Masters                           Gail L. Masters
      Etna M. Masters                            Garnett W. Masters
      Etta Masters                              
      Etta Masters             
      Gary Dean Masters
      Eugene Clinton Masters                     Gary E. Masters
      Eugene Spencer Masters                     Gary R. Masters
      Eula Masters #1 #2                         Gary Robert Masters
      Eula Grace Masters                         Geneva C. Masters
      Eunice A. Masters                          Geniva Masters
      Eunice K. Masters                          George Masters
      Eunice Louise Masters                      George Masters
      Eva Masters                                George Benjamin Masters
      Eva Elese Masters                          George Bennett Masters
      Eva J. Masters                             George Bennett Masters Jr. 
      Eva L. Masters                             George Clinton "Clint" Masters
      Evan Masters
      Evelyn Masters                             George Edwin Masters
      Evelyn B. Masters                          George M. Masters
      Evelyn E. Masters                          George M. Masters   
      Evelyn L. Masters                          George Morgan Masters 
      Evelyn Lucille Masters                     George M. "Jack" Masters
      Evelyn Ruth Masters                        George Ramond "Dick" Masters
      Everett Masters
      Evie M. Masters                            George W. Masters
      Evonne A. Masters                          George Wallace Masters
      Exie Edrie Masters                         George Wallace Masters Jr.
      Ezekial Masters A B
      Ezekial Masters                            George Washington Masters
      Ezekial Masters
      Ezra Masters 
      Faith L. Masters                           George Washington "Wash" Masters
      Fannie Masters                             George Wilburn Masters
      Fannie Mae Masters                         George Wilson Masters
      Fanny Myrtle Masters                       Georgia Mae Masters
      Fay Dell Masters                           Gerald Masters
      Fay N. Masters                             Gerald K. Masters
      Faye Deane Masters                         Geraldine Masters
      Faye Marie Masters                         Gertie Lee Masters
      Finley Masters
      Flora Malvina Masters                      Gertrude Masters
      Florynce L. Masters                        Gil C. Masters
      Floyd Masters                              Gil C. Masters Jr.
      Floyd John Masters                         Glen Howard Masters
      Fowler Balus Masters                       Glenda Masters
      Frances Masters                            Glenda Fern Masters
      Frances Liller Masters                     Gloria Inez Masters
      Frances Louise Masters                     Gloria Ruth Masters
      Francis Masters                            Gloria Sue Masters
      Francis A. Masters                         Goebel M. Masters
      Francis Elizabeth Masters
      Frank Dean Masters                         
      Frank Gideon Masters                       Gordon Dale Masters
      Frank Marino Masters                       Grace Masters #1  #2
      Frank Marino Masters Jr.                   Grace C. Masters
      Frankie Masters                            Grace V. Masters
      Frankie Joy Masters                        Gracie Lee Masters
      Franklin Masters
      Franklin B. Masters                        Grady Masters
      Franklin Day "Frank" Masters               Grady R. Masters
      Fred Masters                               Green Masters
      Fred Kenneth Masters                       Gregory Masters
      Fred Otis Masters                          Gregory G. Masters
      Fredrick A. Masters                        Grover Dean Masters
      Fredrick A. Masters III                    Grover Lee Masters
      Fredrick A. Masters Jr.                            
      Freeda D. Masters                      


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