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The Following is information concerning the line of George Washington Masters and Benjamin Franklin Masters

by Charles Larry Masters


1. Please reference the book titled Masters Family History 1691 1989, page 38, paragraph 2. Recently I located the deed of property to Benjamin Franklin Masters at Five Forks in Alabama. It was found in the Fort Payne Alabama Probate Office in deed book F page 272, and deed book 16 page 456. The deed describes 39 97/100 acres, and also another 39 97/100 acres that he bought for $325 on 01 Feb. 1858. (This is the deed to the property where the old log cabin home place was that is shown on page 40 and 41 of the Masters Family History 1691 1989).

This Indenture made and entered into this the first day of February, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifth Eight, Andrew J. Jones and Saleny Jones his wife of the first part, and Benjamin Masters of the second part, all of the County of Dekalb, State of Alabama. Witnesseth that the said parties of the first part hath this day for the consideration of the sum of Three Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars, lawful money to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged by the parties of the first part for themselves, their heirs and assigns has bargained, sold in fee of, and conveyed, and by these presents do bargain, sell, and convey unto the party of the second part the following described parcel or parcels of land to wit: The N.W. Quarter of the S.W. Quarter of Section One, Township Eight, Range Five, containing 39 97/100 acres, also the S.E. Quarter of N.E. Forth of Section 2, Township 8, Range 5, containing 39 97/100 acres more or less lying and being in Dekalb County, State of Alabama, in the district of lands subject to sale at Lebanon, Alabama, and the said parties of the first part doth on their part by these presents bargain, sell, in fee of, and convey unto the party of the second part the aforesaid lands with all its appurtenances, to have and to hold the same --- them, their heirs, and assigns forever, and the said parties of the first part doth on their part in and for themselves their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns forever warrant and defend the said right against the lawful claims or claims of every person or persons, or the United Stated to have the said Benjamin Masters of the second part, his heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns with all and singularly the right, title, and appurtenance to all the aforesaid parcel or tract of land, lying and being situated as before said.

A.J. Jones (his mark) (seal)
Saleny Jones (her mark) (seal)

The State of Alabama }
Dekalb County           } I, P.B. Gilbert an acting Justice of the Peace in and for said County, certify that A.J. Jones and Saleny Jones whose names are affixed to the above deed of conveyance are known to me to be the same person who are mentioned in the foregoing deed and that they both signed the deed with full knowledge of all the facts contained in said deed of conveyance, this the 3rd day of February, 1858.

P.B. Gilbert
Justice of the Pease

The State of Alabama, Dekalb County, Office of the Judge of Probate Court, I hereby certify that the within deed was filed for record in this office on Sept. 29th, 1906 and duly recorded on the same day examined.

J.A. Croley
Judge of Probate

The above deed to Benjamin Masters is in;
Deed Book 16
Page 456
Dekalb County
Fort Payne, Alabama
Please reference attachment 2 for the above original.

The other deed describes the same property and people as in the one above. It was recorded on 02 July 1858 and can be found in;

Deed Book F
Page 272
Dekalb County
Fort Payne, Alabama

Please reference attachment 2a for the original deed above, and attachment 2b for a map of the described land.

2. Please reference the book titled Masters Family History 1691 1989, page 38, paragraph 2: The deed to the original home place of GEORGE WASHINGTON MASTERS at the Dalrymple Cemetery has not been located, however, based on the following documents I am convinced he did own the property.

The State of Alabama }                                                          To the Hon. A. J.
Dekalb County           }                                                          Horton Judge of Probate
                                                                                          in and for said County

Your petitioner Jesse M. Masters respectfully represents unto your honor that he is the legal administrator of the estate of G.W. Masters late of said county died. That the said G.W. Masters died _______ and possessed of the following described lands by S.W. of S.W. Section six Township 8 Range 6, N.W. of S.W. Section 6 Township 8 Range 6 and the S.E. of the Section 1 Township 8 Range 5 and that on the ____ day of 18__ your honor decided the Sheriff of said County to lay off and set apart one third of the forgoing described land as the dower interest of the widow of the said G.W. Masters deceased. By Martha Masters and your petitioner further represents that the following are the only heirs and ________ of said estate. By Jesse M. Masters, B.F. Masters, J.W. Masters, Susan Shamblee, Eliza J. Shirley, Martha F. Hall all in Dekalb County Alabama and Alice M. and Mary Hall children of Catherine Hall who reside in Laurence County Alabama Lula Fife and Wallace Masters children of _. J. Masters who reside in Jackson County Alabama and your petitioner pays your Honor for an order to sell the whole of the said lands the dower interest reserved for the benefit of said _____ and Legatees. It being to the interest of all concerned that said lands be sold.

Jesse M. Masters (his signature)

Sworn and Subscribed 3 May 1870
A.J. Horton J.P.C. (his signature)

Please reference attachment 3 for the above original.

On 20 May 1871 the following occurred. This document is identified as attachment 3a and can also be found in;
Probate Court Record
1868 1874
Book 4
Page 369
Dekalb County
Fort Payne, Alabama

The State of Alabama }                                                                 In Probate Court, Special Term.
Dekalb County           }                                                                 May 20th, 1871

In the matter of the estate of George Washington Masters, late of said County, deceased.

Be it remembered that on this day came into open Court Jesse M. Masters as administrator of the estate of G.W. Masters, deceased, and presents to the court setting for and alleging that on the 15th day of July 1870 obtained an order to sell the following lands to wit: the S.E. of S.E. of Section 1 (one) Township 8 Range 5, also N.W. of S.W. Section 6 Township 8 Range 6, and the S.W. of S.W. Section 6 Township 8 Range 6 East situated in said County containing in all 120 acres which was sold by administrator to Jesse M. Masters for the sum of $400.00 which was sold on a credit for three months which was properly secured by note and security that report of said sale was duly made to the Probate Court of said County and was by said Court approved and confirmed. Further that the whole of the purchase money has been fully paid to said administrator and asking the Court to make and pass an Order appointing some suitable person and authorizing him to make and execute a deed of conveyance to said Jesse M. Masters, the said purchaser, whereupon it is Ordered, Adjudged, and decreed, that John K. Hoge be and is hereby appointed to make and execute to said J.M. Masters a deed of conveyance to said lands and the John K. Hoge is hereby authorized and empowered to convey to said Jesse M. Masters all the right, title, and interest, which the said deceased G.W. Masters had in said lands at his death.

A.J. Horton

The map of the property being described above is identified as attachment 3b.

I still have not located any information concerning what happened to the 159 86/100 acres of land that George Washington Masters owned at Five Forks that is described in the book titled Masters Family History 1691 1989, page 38. See map on attachment 2b. More research is required on that subject.

Additionally, I have not researched to find out what Jesse M. Masters did with the land at the Dalrymple Cemetery after he acquired it on 20 May 1871. His mother was 68 years old at that time, 7 years after the death of George Washington Masters. My guess is she was living elsewhere at the time Jesse acquired the property.

19 July 2005
Charles Larry Masters

           line of

Charles Owen (Slim) Masters
James Lewis Masters
William Addison Masters
Benjamin Franklin Masters
George Washington Masters

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