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    Queen Elizabeth Masters                  Rebecca L. Masters
    Rachael Masters                          Rebecca V. Masters
    Ralph Waldon Masters                     Regina C. Masters
    Ralph Masters                            Retta M. Masters
    Randall Masters                          Reuben Burriss Masters
    Randall K. Masters                       Reuben Wallace Masters
    Randle Ray Masters                       Revel G. Masters
    Randle Masters                           Rex Paul Masters
    Ransey Benjamin Masters                  Rhonda Masters
    Ray Masters                              Rhonda G. Masters
    Ray Charlton Masters                     Richard Masters #1 #2
    Ray L. Masters                           Richard J. Masters
    Rayburn Masters                          Richard Lee Masters
    Raymond Masters                          Richard M. Masters
    Raymond C. Masters                       Richard Murray Masters #1 #2 
    Raymond G. Masters                       Richard Marshall Masters                     
    Raymond M. Masters                       Richard Paul Masters
    Raymond Robert Masters                   Ricky Masters
    Raynor Masters                           Rickey H. Masters
    Rebecca Masters                          Rickey Masters Jr.
                         PAGE 2

    Ricky Masters                            Rosie Masters
    Ridley Masters                           Roxie Masters
    Ridley Edgeburt Masters                  Roy Masters
    Ridley Edgeburt Masters Jr.              Roy Donald Masters
    Robbie Gay Masters                       Roy M. Masters
    Robbie Mae Masters                       Roy O. Masters
    Robert Masters #1 #2 #3 #4 #5            Roy Tilson Masters
                   #6 #7 #8                                                       
    Robert Basil Masters                     Ruby Masters #1 #2 #3
    Robert Dale Masters                      Ruby Jo Masters
    Robert Davis Masters                     Ruby Lee Masters
    Robert Dewey Masters                     Ruby Pearl Masters
    Robert D. "Don" Masters                  Ruby Velma "Joy" Masters
    Robert F. Masters                        Rufus P. Masters
    Robert H. "Bob" Masters                  Ruth Masters
    Robert J. Masters                        Ruth Ann Masters
    Robert K. Masters                        Ruth Bell Masters
    Robert Lafayette Masters                 Ruth Grey Masters
    Robert Lee Masters                       Ruth L. Masters
    Robert Leslie Masters                    Ruth V. Masters
                                             Saline Masters
    Robert Letcher Masters                   Sallie Masters
    Robert M. Masters                        Sallie B. Masters
    Robert Milton Masters                    Sallie Lee Masters
    Robert Morehead Masters                  Sally Masters
    Robert S. Masters #2 #3                  Sam Masters
                                             Samantha Jane Masters
    Robert Simon Masters                     Samuel Masters
    Robert W. Masters                        Samuel G. Masters
                                             Samuel Houston Masters
    Roberta Masters                          Samuel Herman Masters                      
    Robin Masters                            Samuel M. Masters #1 #2 #3
    Robin Marie Masters                      Samuel Oscar Masters
    Roger Masters                            Samuel Thompson "Sy Thomps" Masters
    Roger D. Masters                         Samuel T. "Sam" Masters
    Roger K. Masters                         Sandra Ann Masters
    Roland Masters                           Sandra E. Masters
    Romie Masters
    Ronald Masters                           Sandra Gail Masters
    Ronald C. Masters                        Sandra M. Masters
    Clayton Masters                          Sanford E. "Gene" Masters
    Ronald Comer Masters                     Sara Lois Masters
    Ronnie Gene Masters                      Sara Lynn Masters
    Rosa Dell Masters                        Sarah Masters #1 #2 #3 #4
    Rosa Faye Masters                        Sarah "Elizabeth" Masters
    Rosa Louella Masters                     Sarah A. Masters #1 #2            
    Rosa Modena Masters                          Sarah Amelia "Sallie" Masters
    Rosea Masters                            Sarah Ann Masters #1 #2 #3 #4
    Rose Marie Masters                       Sarah Belle Masters
    Roselle M. Masters                       Sarah C. Masters
    Rosemary Masters                         Sarah Elizabeth Masters
                                             Sarah Dale Masters
                          PAGE 3

    Sarah D. Masters                         Susan D. Masters
    Sarah J. Masters                         Susan Elizabeth Tennessee Masters
    Sarah Jane Masters #1 #2                 Susan Kay Masters
    Sarah McClenahan Masters                 Susan M. Masters
    Sarah T. Masters #1 #2
    Savannah Lee Masters                     Susan R. Masters    
    Scott Masters                            Susanne Masters                      
    Scott K. Masters                         Tabitha L. Masters
    Sean W. Masters                          Tammy J. Masters
    Selma Masters                            Tammy R. Masters
    Selma A. Masters                         Taysha D. Masters
    Serena Masters 1 2                       Ted Masters
    Shane C. Masters                         Tennessee Masters 
    Shannon Masters                          Terah Ann Masters
    Sharon Masters                           Teresa Masters
    Sharon F. Masters                        Teresa Ann Masters
    Sharon Kaye Masters                      Teressa Masters
    Shay Masters                             Terra Masters
    Sherrie Kay Masters                      Terry E. Masters
    Sherry Masters                           Terry G. Masters
    Sherry Ann Masters                       Terry Lynn Masters
    Shirley Ann Masters                      Thelma C. Masters
    Shirley Mae Masters                      Thelma Louise Masters
    Shy Anne Masters                         Thelma Neal Masters
    Sibbie Maude Masters                     Theodocia Masters
    Sidney Lee Masters                       Theresa Joan "Tracy" Masters
    Sidney Wyott Masters                     Thomas Masters  
    Silas Pickens Masters                    Thomas Masters
    Simeon Masters                           Thomas Masters
    Simeon Hinds "Dock" Masters              Thomas Andrew Masters            
    Simeon Monroe Masters                    Thomas Benton "Dink" Masters
                                             Thomas B. "Jackie" Masters
    Sonya Lynn Masters                       Thomas Burley Masters
    Sorvena Almira "Darl" Masters            Thomas Calvin Masters
    Spence Masters                           Thomas Carrell "Tommie" Masters
    Squire Masters                           Thomas Carroll "Tom" Masters A B
    Squire Davis Masters #1 #2               Thomas David Masters
    Stacie Masters                           Thomas Davis Masters
    Stanley Byain Masters                    Thomas Davis Masters
    Stanley Ross Masters                     Thomas Davis Masters Dr.
    Stanley Ross Masters Jr.                 Thomas Henry Masters
    Stanley Wray Masters                     Thomas Howard Masters
    Stefanie E. Masters                      Thomas Isaac Masters
    Stella Masters                           Thomas J. Masters   
    Stella May Masters                       Thomas Luke Masters
                                             Thomas Marion Masters
    Stephanie V. Masters                     Thomas Mark Masters
    Stephen Masters                          Thomas Milton Masters
    Stephen B. Masters                       Thomas Porter Masters
    Stephen D. Masters                       Tiffany Kay Masters
    Stephen R. Masters                       Timmy Masters
    Steve Masters                            Timmy Gene Masters
    Steven E. Masters                        Tipton Theadore Masters
    Steven K. Masters                        Tom Masters
    Steven W. Masters                        Tommie Hibbard "T. H." Masters
    Stonewell Masters                        Tommie O. "T. O." Masters
    Sue Masters
    Susan Masters#1 #2                       Tommy Masters
    Susan Cain Masters                       Tonna Deon Masters
    Susan Clemantine Masters                 Tony Ray Masters

                          PAGE 4

    Tracy Lee Masters                        Walter Masters
    Triphena Masters                         Walter Masters
    Troy D. Masters                          Walter Baxter Masters
    Troy Grover Masters
    Turah Masters                            Walter Bird Masters
    Ty Andrew Masters                        Walter Carl Masters
    Unetta Nell Masters                      Walter Daniel "Dan" Masters
    Vada Masters
    Valerie Kay Masters                      Walter D. Masters
    Valley Masters                           Walter Franklin Masters #2
    Vallie C. Masters                        Walter F. "Frank" Masters Jr.
    Velma Masters                            Walter F. Masters III
    Velma Ruth Masters                       Walter Grey Masters
    Vera Masters                             Walter Kip Masters
    Vera Bernice Masters                     Walter Lee Masters
    Vera Lee Masters                         Wanda Masters
    Vergie Ann Masters                       Wanda Lou Masters
    Verlinda Masters                         Wanda Lynn Masters
    Verlon Masters                           Wanda M. Masters
    Vernie Ruth Masters                      Washington Masters
    Vernon Lee Masters                       Wayne Masters
    Vestal Elmo Masters                      Wayne Duke Masters
    Vicki Fay Masters                        Wes Drew Masters
    Victor E. Masters                        Wesley P. Masters
    Victor Floyd Masters                     Wheeler Masters
    Victor Irvine Masters                    Wilborne "Wilbur" Davis Masters
                                             Wilbur Edgar Masters
    Victor Irvine Masters Jr.                Wilbourne E. Masters
    Victor L. Masters                        Wilbourne J. Masters
    Victoria L. Masters                      Wilbur Eugene Masters
    Viola Masters
    Viola Adeline "Addie" Masters A B        Wilburn Masters
    Virgie Alba Masters                      Wiley Smith Masters
    Virgie Cora Masters                      Wiley Waymone Masters
    Virgil Masters                           Will Marcom Masters
    Virgil J. Masters
    Virginia Masters                         Will Omar Masters
    Virginia Carol Masters                   Willadean Masters
    Virginia C. Masters                      Willene Masters
    Virginia L. Masters                      Willene C. Masters
    Virginia Lee Masters                     Willene M. Masters
    Virginia May Masters                     Willette Lowery Masters
    Virginia P. Masters                      William Masters #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
                                                             #6 #7 #8 #9
                                             William Masters Jr. 
    Virginia W. Masters                      William Addison "Willie" Masters Rev.
    Virgle W. Masters                        William A. "Bill" Masters
    Virgle Walter Masters                    William Alto Masters
    Virgle Warren Masters                    William B. Masters #1  #2
    Vivian Gail Masters                      William B. "Willie" Masters
    Vivian Hill Masters                      William Brantson Masters
                                             William C. Masters
    Vorda Howard Masters                     William Carroll "Billy" Masters A B 
    W. B. Masters                            William Cecil Masters
    Wallace Jackson Masters                  William Chad Masters
    Wallace Jefferson Masters                William Clay Masters
    Wallace Newton Masters                   William Clay "Bill" Masters
    Wallace Newton Masters Jr.               William Clayton Masters  
                          PAGE 5

    William Dale Masters                     William Robinson "Bill" Masters
    William Dawson "Jack" Masters            William Rodney Masters
    William Dawson Masters Jr.               William Roy Masters
    William Earl Masters                     William Roy "Pete" Masters Jr.
    William Earnest Masters                  William Roy Masters III
                                             William Selby Masters
    William Edgar Masters                    William Masters Sr.
    William F. Masters                       William Talbert Masters
    William E. "Billy" Masters               William Thomas Masters #1 #2 #3
    William F. "Billy" Masters               William Theadore Masters
    William Fendall Masters                  William Wade Hampton Masters
                                             William "W" Masters
    William Francis Masters                  William W. Masters
    William Gerald Masters                   William Wickliffe Masters
    William H. Masters                       William Wickliffe Masters Jr.
    William Henry Masters #1 #2              Willie Clay Masters
    William Hilary Masters                   Willie D. Masters
    William Howard Masters                   Willie Doval Masters
    William Jasper Masters                   Willie Elmo Masters
    William Jordan Masters                   Willie E. Masters
    William Joseph Masters                   Willie H. Masters
    William Lafayette Masters                Willie Jean Masters
    William Lafayette "Fate" Masters         Willie Mae Masters
    William Monroe Masters                   Willis Nolton Masters
    William Monterval Masters                Wilma Audra Masters
    William North Masters                    Winifred Ruth Masters
    William Palo Alto Masters A B            Randall Masters
                                             Worth Masters
    William Parker Masters                   Wyott Benjamin Masters
    William Pearl Masters                    Zachariah Masters
    William Peyton Masters                   Zeb Shipley Masters
    William Porter Masters                   Zelma Lois Masters
    William Rassie Masters                   Zodell Masters
    William Riley "Will" Masters             Zula Maude Masters
    William Robert Masters


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