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About our Masters Family Site


Previous Family Research
  • Back in 1989 we published in our book the lines which represented the best information available at that time.   Based on this information the following lines were shown:

    Immigrant Masters       

        2nd Generation

      ii.    Robert Masters - Died, Mar 1716, in Prince Geo. Co., MD
      iii.   Unknown Masters - She married William Norris before 1716.
      iv.   Grace Masters - born ca 1695, married John Veatch

  • I placed the initial presentation of our Masters Family on the internet in early 1995. Since then, very interesting   Masters Research   was developed in December 2000 by James Funkhouser and corroborated by Carol Collins.   This information indicates it's more probable that the Robert Masters above shown in the 2nd generation, was in fact the immigrant ancestor and that he had a brother, William, an unknown sister who married William Norris and one son,  William "W" Masters  (who will be shown as the 2nd Generation).  We have structured our lines given this hypothesis.

  • I have presented, based on research mentioned above, the brother relationship between Notley and Hillery Masters. I think it appropriate to note that this relationship is not accepted by various members of our family. Family tradition is strong and the memories of oral history passed down from parents and grandparents long ago established the father/son relationship. Articles on John S. Masters by Robert Eldridge and Legends of Arrival by Margaret Buehrig, point to these various family traditions.

  • William Masters Jr's 2nd family was with Tryphenia North, daughter of George and Rebekah North. A48 We will likely never know the exact circumstances however it is our feeling that William North Masters and John North Masters, were the couple's first two children.  First, Old English Law did not recognize divorce so legal separation from Margaret was impossible. More definitively however, in William Masters' Jr. 2, 185   will, A8  William North and John North Masters were the recipients of his land - which again goes back to Old English Law where the oldest son(s) inherit the land.  Lastly, the proximity of ages in the children lends credence in all being the same family.  The gift of 2, 185  Discovery, A9 52 acres of the home tract by his father in 1755 may have provided the foundation for a lifelong "common law" relationship with Tryphenia. 2, 185


Use of Our Internet Site


  • In the Family Lines section you will find that in parenthesis, immediately after the various family members, lines included for previous generations.  Roman numerals which identify the children of the previous generation have been color coded as well in a further effort for easy identification of  families lines.

    The Masters Family Surname Index includes all names in the original Masters Family History 1691 - 1989 as well as family members added since then.  The original index contained 7,954 folks but now include another 1,000 or so individuals.

    Any Hyper-Linked names in the index will take you to the actual placement within our internet version of the Masters Family Lines. Names not linked will be the 9th generation or later which are not included within our Masters Family Lines. An estimated 6,000 family members are included within the structured lines.  Several individuals are followed by A, B C ect.  Letters indicate multiple listings for the same individual.  Numbers following individuals only indicate identical names for different family members.  In some cases the individuals are  listed for each occurrence in the lines.

    Source Notes & Information contain sources (a partial listing since we are only showing the first 8 generations) in our original publication back in 1989. Additional Notes & Information contain sources since publication as well as several Internet sites where information was obtained.

  • Images used in our book have been included in this internet work, however, many more which have been collected since publication are now shown on this site as well.  I have used "small thumbnail" images in the outline text, however, if you are interested you can "click" on the image and be able to view a larger size which also includes the identification of those in the image. This will be a continuing effort and if you have any materials you wish to be added just let me know what you have.

  • Keeping images and file sizes to a minimum has been and will be in the future a design factor on this site. For that reason you will see no impressive graphics and the like. I know it's frustrating to have a slow internet connection and be forced to wait for loading. In a few cases however I have inserted larger files just to be able to justify placing on the internet. A couple of maps and one group picture comes to mind - Just remember it will take time to load depending on your internet connection.  A few of the index pages got a little larger than I wanted as well by the time I added all of the hyper links - redesign at that point however represented to large an effort on my part to correct.

  • I'll be adding sections as my time allows. Remember, this is your site and if you have materials which you think interesting, please let me know. I'll be considering the future placement of our site at some point. Rootsweb is one option however I must be comfortable that there will never be any fee charged for access. We'll just have to wait and see what develops.


    Copyright © 1995 - 2023 by Jack Masters.   All rights reserved.   These pages may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any manner without the written consent of Jack Masters.   Use of any content must be referenced and is protected under Title 17, U. S. Code governing Copyrighted Materials.