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                    Will of Christian Bowers, SR.



     In the name of God, Amen.  I, Christian Bower, of the county
     of Shennandoah and Commonwealth Of Virginia, being of sound
     mind and disposing memory for which I thank God, and calling
     to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to
     dispose of all worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless
     me with, I give and bequeath  the same in manner following,
     that is to say,

     First, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, two
     feather beds with the furniture and bedsteads and one cow to
     her choice, and then one full third of the remainder of my
     personal estate, after the payment of my just debts and
     funeral expenses, and the remaining two-thirds of my personal
     estate, the perishable part thereof to be sold by my executor
     here-in-after named.  It is my will shall be divided among all
     my children, to wit:
     My sons, Ludwig Bower, Christian Bower, John Bower, Augustin
     Bower and Philip Bower, and my daughters Elizabeth , the wife
     of John Ruppert; Catherine, the wife of John Zerkel; Margaret,
     the wife of Nathanael Zwecker; and Mary, the wife of Peter
     Ferasler; and the children of my daughter Ana Mary Sauerwine,
     deceased, to have their mother's share, that is the same as my
     other daughters.  But it is my will and I do direct that the
     said two-thirds of my personal estate shall be divided that
     each of my said sons shall have ten pounds current money of
     Virginia more than each one of my daughters.

     I give and bequeath to my said beloved wife, Elizabeth, all my
     lands and plantations whereon I now live in Shennandoah County
     aforesaid with the appurtenances thereunto belonging for and
     during her natural life, add after her decease, I will and do
     direct that all my said lands and plantation with the
     appurtenances thereunto belonging shall be sold by my executor
     at public auction or otherwise as my said executor shall think
     most advantageous, and my said executor is to make a good
     title for the same to the purchaser or purchasers, as I myself
     have, and the money arising from the sale  thereof to be
     divided into ten equal shares, and then each of the above
     named children or their heirs shall have one share and the
     children of my said daughter Ann Mary, late, the wife of Peter
     Sauerwine, deceased, shall have the remaining share to be
     equally divided among them or the devises of them.

     Lastley:  I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend Jacob
     Pinker Bole executor of this my last will and testament,
     hereby revoking all other and former wills or testaments by me
     heretofore made, in witness whereof I have here-unto set my
     hand and affixed my seal this 11 day of August, in the year of
     our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ten.

     Signed, sealed, published and declared as and for the last
     will and testament of the abouve named Christian Bower in the
     presence of

     Christian Bower
     John Comer
     George Felty (Felts) Jr.
     Jacob Noel

     At a Court continued and held for the County of Shennandoah on
     Tuesday the 9th of April, l816, the last will and testament of
     Christian Bower, deceased, was produced to the court and
     proved by the oath of John Comer, a witness thereunto and
     ordered to be certified; and on the motion of Jacob Pinker,
     the executor therein named, who made oath according to law and
     entered into bond with George Huddle and Jacob Rinker, Jr.,
     his security in the present sum of five thousand dollars
     conditioned as the law directs. A certificate for obtaining
     the probate of the said will, in and for me is granted him.
          J.     Williams Co. CIk

     At a court held for the County of Shenandoah on Monday the
     10th day of June, 1816, the last will and testament of
     Christian Bower, deceased, was further proved by the oath of
     Jacob Noel, a witness thereunto and ordered to be recorded.
          J.     WILLIAMS Co. Clk.


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