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    Lackey                                     Lee
      Stella Lackey                              Aaron Lee
                                                 Amanda Lee
    Lacy                                         Carla Lee
      Millie Lacy                                Estel Lee
                                                 Jessie Lee
    Lamb                                         Linda L. Lee
      Elsie Lamb                                 Lisa Lee
                                                 Ruby Lee
    Langford                                     Sharon Lee
      Martha Langford
      Mary Ruth Langford                       Lenoir
      Minor Langford                             Bessie Lenoir

    Langley                                    Lewis
      Fred Langley                               Edward Lewis
      Julie Langley                              Leonard Lewis III
      Lisa Langley                               Leonard Lewis IV
      Monica Langley                             Michael Lewis
                                                 Stephen R. Lewis
    Lantange                                     Tera Lewis
      Sally Lantange                             William E. Lewis

    Law                                        Linder
      Betty Law                                  Helen M. Linder

    Lawhorn                                    Little
      Ruby E. Lawhorn                            Robert D. Little

    Lay                                        Loftis
      Amber Lay                                  Ralph Loftis
      Joel Lay
    Ledbetter                                    Cull Lohorn
      Charlene Ledbetter                         Ella Lohorn
      Everette E. Ledbetter                      Gladys V. Lohorn
      Lona Ledbetter                             Willie A. Lohorn
      Mattie Ledbetter
      Sherry Ledbetter                         Long
                                                 Sherry Long
      Carlos V. Ledford                        Looper
      Danny B. Ledford                           Anthony W. Looper
      David T. Ledford                           Gena Looper
      Diane S. Ledford                           Sam Looper
      Grover Ledford
      Herman D. Ledford                        Luckett
      Howard D. Ledford                          Peggy M. Luckett
      J. T. Ledford
      Janet M. Ledford                         Lundy
      Jerry R. Ledford                           Alley B. Lundy
      Jimmy D. Ledford                           Christean Lundy
      Judy Gail Ledford                          Cordell Lundy
      Nella Rae Ledford                          Earnest Lundy
      Oma Lou Ledford                            Elijah E. Lundy
      Patricia C. Ledford                        Elijah G. Lundy
      Ray Ledford                                Estell Lundy
      Sandra J. Ledford                          James A. Lundy
      Sandra L. Ledford                          Jewel Lundy
      Timothy G. Ledford

                            PAGE 2

    Lundy                                      Marlow
      John Lundy                                 Dewey Marlow
      John T. Lundy 
      Malen Hulet Lundy                        Martin
      Martha E. Lundy                            Mary Martin
      Mary E. Lundy                              Zula Martin
      Nancy J. Lundy 
      Odell Lundy                              Mason
      Ruby Lundy                                 Allen Lee Mason
      Virginia Lundy 
      William A. Lundy                         Massengale
                                                 Polly Massengale
      Hubert Luwallen                          Masters
                                                 Lula Mae Masters
    Lynn                                         Margaret Masters
      Ila Lynn                                   Mary Ann Masters
      Joe Lynn                                   Sarah A. "Sallie" Masters
      Lou Verna Lynn
      William Lynn                             Mathis
                                                 Carlos Mathis
    Maberry                                      Myrtle Mathis
      Pearlie B. Maberry
      Perry Maberry                            Matinnau
                                                 Hollie Matinnau
      Don Maggard                              Matthews
                                                 Teresa Matthews
      James Magnuson Jr.                       Maxwell
                                                 Ada Veler Maxwell
    Main                                         Cindy Ann Maxwell
      Dennis Main                                John S. Maxwell
      Jack Main                                  Lenton Maxwell
      Karen Main                                 Pamela Kay Maxwell
      Vicki Main                                 Ruth Maxwell

    Makar                                      Mayberry
      Corey W. Makar                             Ida Mayberry
      Sarah M. Makar                             Jim Mayberry
      Wallace Makar                              Marion Mayberry
                                                 Robert Mayberry
      Jeffrey Manning                          Maynard
      Mary Manning                               Silas Maynard
                                                 Syrena Maynard
      Tibatha Marcom                           McBride
                                                 Elizabeth McBride
      Allen Marcum                             McBroom
      Wilma Marcum                               Minnie J. McBroom

     Unknown Markland

                            PAGE 3

    McCart                                     McGuire
      Mary McCart                                Jane McGuire
                                                 Merdy McGuire 
      Unknown McCarter                         McMamara
                                                 Margaret McMamara
      Angela McCosky                           McMurtry
      Barry McCosky                              James L. McMurtry
      Jeffery McCosky                            P. J. McMurtry

    McCrate                                    Meeks
      Patricia McCrate                           Aaron L. Meeks
                                                 Deborah K. Meeks
      Dovie McCright                           Melton
                                                 Laura Melton
      Nancy McCulley                           Miller
                                                 Bill Miller
    McDonald                                     Billy Miller
      Allie L. McDonald                          Cynthia B. Miller
      Alvin E. McDonald                          Elna Miller
      Angela R. McDonald                         Heather Miller
      Anne J. McDonald                           Pauline Miller
      Cathy McDonald                             Phillip E. Miller
      Cindy McDonald                             Sarah Miller
      Craig McDonald                             Valerie G. Miller
      Edsel R. McDonald
      Elizabeth A. "Missy" McDonald            Milton
      Fannie L. McDonald                         Patricia Milton
      Jayson McDonald
      Jessica M. McDonald                      Minor
      John A. McDonald                           Telitha Minor
      June McDonald
      Justin C. McDonald                       Mitchell
      Kenneth McDonald                           Allie Le Shea Mitchell
      Kimberly McDonald                          Wade Mitchell
      L. Joy McDonald
      Lynda Gail McDonald                      Mondy
      Margie A. McDonald                         Judy Mondy
      Ralph Jay McDonald
      Roy Justin McDonald                      Montgomery
      Scot McDonald                              Cheryl Montgomery
      Sharlene R. McDonald                       Jim Montgomery
      Susan McDonald                             Jimmey Montgomery
      Thomas McDonald
      Tiffany McDonald                         Moore
      Troy Seth McDonald                         Malene Moore
      Troy T. McDonald                           Rosie Moore
      Troy T. McDonald Jr.
      William A. McDonald                      Morris
      William T. McDonald                        Jim Polk Morris
                                                 Mary Morris

                            PAGE 4

    Morton                                     Neely
      Charlotte Morton                           Aaron Neely
                                                 John Neely
    Mosley                                       Jonathan Neely
      Hattie R. Mosley                           Larry T. Neely
                                                 Lazarus Neely
    Mounts                                       Libbi Ann Neely
      Dennis C. Mounts Jr.
      Donna Lea Mounts                         Nelson
      Karla Faye Mounts                          Audrey M. Nelson
      Linda C. Mounts                            Carrie Nelson
      Ronda Sue Mounts                           Frank Nelson
                                                 Phyllis Nelson
      Jennie L. Mulkey                         Netherton
                                                 Betty Jo Netherton
    Mullinex                                     Debra J. Netherton
      Caroline Mullinex                          James I. Netherton
      Mary Jane Mullinex                         Johnny Lee Netherton
                                                 Willis F. Netherton
      Pete Mullins                             Newberry
                                                 Addie Ann Newberry
    Munn                                         Alma Ell Newberry
      Jack Munn                                  Bertha C. Newberry
      Jay Warner Munn                            Beulah B. Newberry
                                                 Cassie G. Newberry
    Murphy                                       Charlie B. Newberry
      Lois Murphy                                Cindy Newberry
                                                 Cletis E. Newberry
    Murray                                       Donald E. Newberry
      Robbie Murray                              Frederick H. Newberry
      Roy Murray                                 Harold C. Newberry
      Vergie Murray                              Herbert A. Newberry
                                                 Hubert E. Newberry
    Mussleman                                    James Newberry
      Debby Mussleman                            James D. "Jo" Newberry
                                                 James E. "Rat" Newberry
    Naja                                         James L. "Fate" Newberry
      Hassan Naja                                Jearl Irene Newberry
                                                 Jimmy P. Newberry
    Nakajima                                     Joan Lynn Newberry
      Yoko Nakajima                              John T. Newberry
                                                 Margie E. Newberry
    Nale                                         Margie M. Newberry
      Linda Nale                                 Maudie May Newberry
                                                 Naoma D. Newberry
    Nash                                         Nile Lou A. Newberry
      Dimple Nash                                Ola Juanita Newberry
                                                 Phillip H. Newberry
    Naylor                                       Ronald G. Newberry
      Michael Naylor                             Steve Newberry

                            PAGE 5

    Newberry                                   Oakes
      Sybel G. Newberry                          Norma Oakes
      Thelma J. Newberry
      Unknown Newberry                         Olsen
      Vonna J. Newberry                          Joan Olsen
      William Newberry
      William G. "Will" Newberry               Owens
                                                 Joe Owens
    Newkirk                                      Julie J. Owens
      Billie Newkirk                             Katrina Owens
                                                 Mattie L. Owens
    Nichols                                      Michael A. Owens
      Nick Nichols                               Mike Owens
                                                 Steve A. Owens
    Nivens                                       Thomas Ray Owens
      Dorsey E. Nivens
      Kenneth S. Nivens                        Pace
      Richard A. Nivens                          Michael Pace
      Robert T. Nivens                           Stephine J. Pace
      Shelia A. Nivens
      Shelly D. Nivens                         Padgett
      Timothy E. Nivens                          Barbara Padgett
                                                 Brandon Padgett
    Norman                                       Clura Padgett
      Clifford Norman                            Cora Padgett
      David Norman                               Debra Padgett
      Donna Norman                               Dewitt Padgett
      Eugene J. Norman                           Ezra Padgett
      Eula Norman                                Garner Padgett
      Goldman Norman                             Gladys Padgett
      Millard Norman                             Hubert Padgett
      Steven E. Norman                           John Padgett
      Timothy Norman                             Johnny Padgett
      Tina Norman                                Kyle Padgett
      Violet Norman                              Martha Ann Padgett
      Vivian Norman                              Michelle Padgett
      Wiley Norman                               Mildred Padgett
      William M. Norman                          Nina Padgett
                                                 Ryan Padgett
    Norris                                       Varner Padgett
      Sue Norris                                 Zella Padgett

    Norrod                                     Palermo
      Gary W. Norrod                             John Palermo
      Marion Norrod
      Mark A. Norrod                           Palmer
      Marvin Norrod                              Amy M. Palmer
      Phylis C. Norrod                           Donald W. Palmer
      Sandy Lynn Norrod                          William W. Palmer

                            PAGE 6

    Palmeri                                    People
      Margaret M. Palmeri                        Alice F. People

    Paris                                      Pervis
      Elizabeth Paris                            Herman Pervis

    Parker                                     Peson
      Pearl Parker                               Joane Peson

    Parr                                       Petach
      Elizabeth Parr                             Glenn W. Petach
      Jesse Parr                                 Laura C. Petach
      John Parr
      Moses Parr                               Peters
      Nancy Parr                                 Flossie Peters
      William Parr                               Hanah Peters

    Parsons                                    Pettery
      Jestine Parsons                            Patricia Pettery

    Parton                                     Phann
      Janice Parton                              John Phann

    Peacy                                      Phillips
      Howard Peacy                               Brittany C. Phillips
                                                 Daisy T. Phillips
    Pearcy                                       Francis Phillips
      Joedean Pearcy                             Jean Phillips
                                                 Josephine "Jo" Phillips
    Peavyhouse                                   Mark D. Phillips
      James R. Peavyhouse                        Martha Phillips
                                                 Sallie Phillips
      Darlettie Pedigo                         Piatt
                                                 Jacob Piatt
    Peixoto                                      Thomas Piatt
      Leslie L. Peixoto
    Pendergrass                                  Earnest Pierce
      Martha Pendergrass
    Pennington                                   Mildred Pile
      Daniel Pennington
      Danny Pennington                         Poindexter
      David Pennington                           Carrie Poindexter
      Eva Nell Pennington
      Janet Pennington                         Pollard
      Nora Pennington                            Lizzie Pollard
      Ray Pennington
      Tracy Pennington                         Poore
                                                 Doris Poore
      Lillian Pennycuff                        Poston
                                                 Jeanette Poston
                                                 William A. Poston

                         PAGE 7

    Presley                                    Randall
      Tresa Presley                              Mary Lee Randall
      Vicki Presley
    Preston                                      Bernard G. Randolph
      Phyllis Preston                            Jennifer Randolph
                                                 Kimberly Ann Randolph
    Price                                        Lisa M. Randolph
      Andrew J. Price
      Clura Price                              Range
      Jewel Price                                Doris R. Range
      Louisa J. Price                            Earl R. Range
      Phylis Price                               Ellaree Range
      Ruby C. Price                              Glenda Range
      Ruth Price                                 James H. Range
      Terril Price                               Lafayette J. Range
      Thomas H. Price                            Lucinda E. Range
      Willie O. Price Jr.                        Oscar Range
                                                 Phyllis J. Range
      Creola A. Purcell                        Ransom
      Dennis Purcell                             Milton Ransom
      Ronald Purcell
      Vivian Purcell                           Ratliff
                                                 Angela M. Ratliff
    Putterbaugh                                  Erika M. Ratliff
      Dorothy Putterbaugh                        William A. "Bill" Ratliff

    Pyle                                       Ray
      Clayton Pyle                               Mary Sue Ray
      Mike Pyle                                  Rickie Ray
      Patrick Pyle                               Ridley Ray
      Tracie Pyle
    Ragland                                      Adina Reagan
      Donnie Ragland                             Alene Reagan
      Jeffrey C. Ragland                         Carson Reagan
      John W. Ragland                            Jimmie Reagan
      Lee C. Ragland                             John Reagan
      Lee M. Ragland                             John A. Reagan
      Logan Lee Ragland                          Johnnie Reagan
                                                 Wilburn Reagan
      Billie J. Raines                         Rector
      Morene Raines                              Shirley Rector
      William C. Raines
    Rains                                        William M. Reecer
      Billy Roe Rains
      Kent Ryan Rains                          Reeves
      Ricky Roe Rains                            Ashley Reeves
      Rudy K. Rains                              Curtis M. Reeves
                                                 Emily Reeves
    Ramsey                                       Nathan A. Reeves
      Hollis Ramsey
      Lou Ramsey

                            PAGE 8

    Renrocker                                  Roach
      Michelle Renrocker                         Anthony Lee Roach
                                                 Brandi M. Roach
    Rhoten                                       Debora J. Roach
      Betty Lou Rhoten                           Fred W. Roach
      Henrietta Rhoten                           Lance W. Roach
      Herman A. Rhoten                           Phillip H. Roach
      Jake Rhoten                                Virgil Roach
      Morgan Rhoten                              Waymon Lee Roach

    Rice                                       Robbins
      Patsy D. Rice                              Julie Robbins
                                                 Pamela Robbins
    Rich                                         Rosetta Robbins
      Armel H. Rich
      Billy Rich                               Roberts
      Chester Rich                               Darrel Joe Roberts
      Clyde Rich                                 Jim Roberts
      Daniel Rich                                John Roberts
      Emma P. Rich                               Nellie Roberts
      Joe Rich                                   Perry Roberts
      Julie Rich
      Lawrence Rich                            Robertson
      Leman Rich                                 Susan Robertson
      Lewis Rich
      Lillie Rich                              Rollins
      Maggie Rich                                Tom Rollins
      Martin Rich
      Nathanale Rich                           Rosco
      Stonewall Rich                             Fred Lynn Rosco
      Vinvin Rich
      Zula Earl Rich                           Rose
                                                 Brenda Rose
    Richards                                     Carol Rose
      Frank Richards                             Quinton Rose
      William Richards
    Richardson                                   Kathy Rosenbaum
      Hollis C. Richardson                       William Rosenbaum
      John M. Richardson 
      Maudie E. Richardson                     Rosenbon
      Wendolyn Richardson                        Alice Rosenbon

    Riddle                                     Ross
      Donald Riddle                              Woodrow A. "Woody" Ross

    Riley                                      Rosser
      Elizabeth Riley                            Harold Rosser
      Isaac Riley
    Rindler                                      Sonia Rouch
      Phyllis Rindler
    Risden                                       Virginia Roy
      Vivian Risden
    Rishworth                                    Sarah Russell
      Mary Rishworth

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