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Ezekiel Masters, son of William Masters and Tryphenia North, was born in Prince Georges Co., Md.   He was christened at the church of St. John's (also called King George's) Parish 12 Dec. 1762. (Brown, Helen: Prince Georges Co., Md., Indexes of Church Registers)   On 13 et. 1789 he married Cassandra Norton (Brown, ibid, p. 91)

By 1810 (or before) Ezekiel had settled in Hardy Co., (now West) Virginia, and was farming part of a tract of 100 acres in the forks of Skagg's Run, near Bean Settlement.   Ezekiel was growing corn, wheat, flax and - indicative of his tidewater Maryland origins - tobacco.   At his death he owned a small number of livestock (two mares, two cows, a bull, a heifer, seven hogs, and seven sheep), as well as seven geese.   (Shreiner-Yantis, Netti: Supplement to the 1810 census of Virginia; Hardy Co. Wills Lib 2, fol. 154)   Ezekiel had purchased this land from Thomas Marshall but by his death had paid only half the purchase price and had not received a deed.   After Ezekiel died, Briscoe Bean, his son-in-law and administrator of his estate, paid Marshall $176.39 and each of Ezekiel's heirs paid $1.00.   On 13 May 1817 they received a deed to 100 acres in the forks of Skaggs Run, a tributary of North River.   (Hardy Co. Deed Bk 7, p. 694)

Ezekiel died before 13 Feb. 1816.   On that date, his minor children chose guardians or were appointed guardians by the County Court. Diana, Chloe, Triphena and Mary Ann were above the age of 14, but under 21.   Diana chose Briscoe Bean as her guardian; Chloe chose James Bean; Triphena and Mary Ann chose Bennet Bean.   Briscoe Bean was appointed guardian for William and Cassandra, who were under the age of 14.   (Hardy Co. Court Record Bk 113-1821, #8, p. 136)   Ezekiel left no will.   His personal estate, appraised on 9 April 1816, was valued at $292.78, and in a subsequent sale brought $381.23.   In addition to his livestock, geese and crops that had been harvested, he owned a few tools, a gun and meager household articles.   (Hardy Co., Va. Will Bk 2, p. 154 (appraisal), Bk 2, p. 156 (sale), Bk 3, p. 14 (account)

In addition to the guardian appointment, the deeds pertaining to the property purchased from Marshall identify Ezekiel's children and the spouses of some of them.   Cassandra apparently died before Ezekiel, she is not mentioned in the deeds or the estate records.

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Nathan Masters, son of William and Tryphenia North Masters was born in 1766 in Prince Georges Co.   He married Winifred Jenkins on 14 Jan. 1794 in St. Johns (also called King Georges) Parish (PG Co. Marriage Bk 3, p. 257 as well as church records).   He was on the tax list of Piscataway Hundred in 1828, taxed for five slaves ages 14-45, 2 slaves 45 and above and a part interest in Brothers Joint Interest (60 acres)  The same year he was taxed in New Scotland, Oxen and Bladenburgs Hundred for a slave, age 14-40.

In 1830, Nathan gave his son, Joshua W. Masters, ten acres, house and houses where I now live, plus a negro boy, William and negro girl, Susan for "natural love and affections, and for the better maintenance, support, livelihood and preferment."   ( (Prince Georges Deed Bk AB#6, p. 7)   In 1834 he bought a negro man from his son, William F., and another negro man from his step-brother, William North.

Nathan wrote his will on 27 March 1834 and it was probated 14 June 1834 in the District of Columbia.

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Joshua Masters was born ca. 1770 in Prince Georges Co., Maryland and married Elizabeth Selby, daughter of William Wilson and Elizabeth Selby, on 3 April 1791 in St. John's parish.   Shortly thereafter they moved to Washington Co., Ky. where Joshua, in 1796, bought 100 acres on the waters of Beech Fork from Richard Parker   (Washington Co. Deed Bk A, p. 327)   (The town of Fredericktown is now situated on this land.)

Joshua appeared in the 1800 census of Kentucky and the tax list of 1812 with five slaves, 100 acres.   The tax list of 1815 placed him in Capt. Austin's Co., 4th Reg., John Batsel, Commander, of the militia of the county, as well as 150 acres (and 4 slaves) on Cartwright's Creek.   Since Cartwright's Creek comes into the Beech Fork on his land, this isn't as confusing as it first sounds.   In 1817 he sold his son, Richard, 50 acres of the land bordering the Beech Fork.   (Washington Co., Ky. Deed Bk. E, p. 308)   Richard soon sold this to Daniel Kelly and moved to Pike Co., Ind. (Washington Co., Ky. Deed Bk. F, p. 263)

Joshua's will of 17 Jan. 1835, probated 29 Dec. 1835, gave his goods and chattels to his wife, Elizabeth and then to those children were unmarried for their single life; estate to be divided equally between all children at her death.   (Washington Co. Will Bk F, p. 281)


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